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GDPR Overview

Hello, I want to start off by saying this is not legal advice, this is just providing information to allow […]

Citation Development for Local SEO

So you’ve created your Google My Business page, made sure all your NAP (Name / Address / Phone) data on […]

Websites, Conversions, Mobile Sites

Let’s think of who is making reservations today. Probably the 30-70 year old range. These people have grown up with […]

Improving Your Online Reputation

In the online marketing and vacation rental world, one of the most difficult prospects that must be dealt with is […]

Building The Perfect Website

Who doesn’t want the perfect website? I have spent years going to a conference called PubCon ( If you have […]

How Do I Get More Owners and Keep The Ones I Have?

  We all know that we survive in this industry through owners and guests. These are the two most critical […]


There are so many changes in vacation rentals today. We all used to rely on lead requests coming in from […]

Trust Accounting

Well, we have all heard this magical word right? Who hasn’t! As a property manager, you are often asked whether […]

By Property Managers For Property Managers

Finally, after years of waiting…..  I had a recent visit with a prospective client.  As you can imagine, we are […]

Where is the Vacation Rental Software Industry Heading?

Where is the vacation rental software industry heading? I often ask myself this question in an effort to create cutting […]