Custom Guest Application -

Custom Guest Application

Custom Guest Application

Many companies offer stock built apps to help you with your business; but, what if we told you that Streamline actually allows you to build your own, custom guest application?  Yes, our administrative system has the built-in technology to allow you to manage and control a guest app that is tailored specifically to your company!  With this functionality, you will be your own mobile app developer, giving your guests the tailored experience they desire during their stay.  Best of all, this ahead of its time concept is simple, easy, and fun; it is truly something that will put your property management company on the path towards top notch customer service!
With our custom guest apps, you can define the entirety of the experience you give your guests, including:

  • What picture would you like to show when someone first loads your application?
  • What are your social media links for anyone who wants to visit your social media websites?
  • Do you want to have someone log in to view their information for their upcoming reservation?
  • What colors do you want?
  • And much, much more?

From beginning to end, you will be in charge of everything you want your app to display. All of the colors, text colors, background colors, EVERYTHING.  It is YOUR app.  You will even create the sections that you want and then define the content of each section!
For example, let’s say that I want to have an entertainment section.  Within the entertainment section, you can create any groupings that you want and select any icon you wish.  Whether you wish to display restaurants nearby, local hot spots, great parks, bars, or anything else, you can include it – along with directions and mapping. Your guests will brag about your services to all of their friends.  Not only will you get that repeat business, but now you will start to tap into the friends of that repeat business!

Property Management and Marketing Functionality

Of course, entertainment and customer experience aren’t the only functions this app brings to the table; you can also utilize this app for marketing and customer retention. For instance, you can create your social outbound links from your guest app and it will never leave the app.  You can even allow guest app users to visit your website and make reservations without actually leaving the guest app. Not only does this provide guests with direct access to booking, it can also help increase your social following AND site traffic – both of which are important for improving your bottom line.
The most important part of the app, however, is the way that it provides information to its guests.   The guests want as much information as possible.  You can create a remote control document and attach it to that specific home!  Show pictures, videos, wi-fi codes, door lock codes from companies like ResortLock, KABA, and Point Central. The limit is your imagination.  Take your guests on an amazing experience and make sure that they just HAVE to come back!

There’s more?

Guests will be able to enter work orders directly from their phones while they are on their vacation.  CUSTOMER SERVICE, if you want them back, give them the tools they want! Allow the guests to make payments through the guest app.  This will give you the ability to charge the card on file or enter a new credit card to be processed.
Our next feature will revolutionize the way you look at a guest application.  While that may sound too good to be true, having the resources to amazing property managers, sparked the creativity behind our surprise…..  We cannot wait to share this with everyone.

Allow Streamline’s Custom Guest App to Improve your Property Management Services

As you can see, a custom guest application has many advantages.  But, the most important component of the guest application is that it will have your personal touch!  You know the areas where you make reservations, you know where to go and what to do!  These are the little things that will make your guests come back again and again – and many will do precisely that just to experience another vacation, utilizing your great tips and ideas. We hope you join our family soon and share your great ideas.  This is what has taken us to where we are today!  The forefront of property management software.

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