There are many reasons why Streamline is considered to be one of the strongest systems in the vacation rental marketplace at handling the housekeeping and maintenance needs of property managers. Starting with the core technology of housekeeping, the Streamline system has gone above and beyond to ensure companies have all the foundations for housekeeping.

Most software programs out there are so severely lacking in housekeeping features that companies have to leverage outside systems just to have something functional. With Streamline, we handle multiple housekeepers on one clean interface. Streamline keeps track of housekeeping scheduling, inspections, billing, and with our housekeeping mobile app, housekeepers can stay connected while they are in the field as well.

We have also taken housekeeping to the next level, where we have linen packing reports, houseman, and also a wide variety of triggers to communicate to housekeepers based on system actions. These notifications can be via text, email, or push notification.

Streamline’s maintenance system has become very powerful as well. Offering many great features like recurring work orders, owner billing, our inventory system, inspections, and much more, Streamline has really revolutionized what a property management system can do. Building a comprehensive maintenance management system has always been a strong commitment for Streamline. Through the maintenance mobile app, vendors can mark tasks as complete, see task priorities, submit work orders, conduct inspections, and more.

Generally, the operations side of things in Streamline is extremely robust. On top of all the great housekeeping and maintenance features, the automatic communication triggers are maybe the most important. This part of the software truly “Streamlines” a vacation rental management business!