How Master Cancel and Streamline Can Protect Your Revenue

How Master Cancel and Streamline Can Protect Your Revenue

Be ready for (almost) anything with Master Cancel

We’ve all learned how to be more flexible nowadays. Life is unpredictable and you can’t foresee every roadblock ahead of you. That’s why Master Cancel is such an important new tool for property managers. This program allows you to offer more workable terms to your guests with little risk.

When booking vacations, guests are considering the “what ifs” more and more. Having terms and conditions that are flexible is a big plus and could be a deciding factor when reserving a home. OTAs also favor properties that are willing to work with guests more, so you might be able to get a better ranking and additional discounts.

How Does It Work?

Master Cancel reimburses the property manager for cancellations that occur two or more days prior to check-in (but no more than sixty days prior to their check-in date). You’ll then be reimbursed for the lost booking revenue if the dates don’t get rebooked. Yes, that’s right – not just the initial deposit, but the revenue you would have earned from the whole stay. All booking sources are covered, which brings us back to that excellent OTA placement we were talking about earlier.

Get Started With Master Cancel

Streamline is one of the only vacation rental property management software offering Master Cancel to its users. Book a demo with us to learn about our all-in-one suite of software, and how we can streamline your sales process.

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