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Lead Management/CRM

Lead Management/CRM

As property managers, our #1 concern tends to be generating revenue.  Probably a very good focal point for continued success.  The most important correlation to revenue becomes the owners and your guests.  It truly comes down to optimizing the ability to make reservations and maintaining relationships with guests.  It also ties into creating a relationship with your owners.  What if you could automate all of this?  Our lead management system and our customer relation management tools will help to achieve these goals and more.

Our Lead Management System

Here at Streamline, we have the most advanced and creative conversion process.  By looking into response times, maximizing quote generation, and putting checks and balance in place, we enable property managers to fill the demands of speed and inquiry conversions.  When you put our call tracking system, online chat and SMS platforms in place, you have begun to control your lead sources and enable nearly every form of communication with a client.
How many times have you told your sales agents to make sure they select the “Heard About Us” dropdown?  How else are you going to know what generates money for you!  But, with our phone tracking system, you do not need to rely on your agents any more.  No longer will you have to worry about the “Heard About Us” dropdown, and no longer will you have to puzzle out where your leads are coming from; you will know exactly where the call came from and that phone number determines the source of the call.  There are many other features that come into play with our call management component on our lead management system but we encourage you to have a demo and see the full capabilities for yourself!
How amazing would it be to receive a phone call and know paramount information concerning the caller? Information that you simply must know when running a property management company, such as if they are actually in your system? With Streamline, this functionality is just the tip of the iceberg.  You’ll be able to record calls and tie them into the folio, tap into a call as the manager and listen for training purposes, and even get a transcription of the phone call and analyze calls for specific keywords!
Yes, I know this sounds too good to be true; but, as we continue to add functionality, Streamline continues to separate itself from its competitors.  Creativity, ingenuity and experience in the property management industry has allowed us to become innovators. These are just a few reasons why our Lead Management system is the best in the industry!

Customer Relation Management

Marketing & knowing your target audience is critical in the success of your business.  Knowing things such as who you are talking to on the phone and who you should be targeting, depending on the time of year are all extremely important to improving your rental conversion rates. Fortunately, with our CRM system, you will be able to define guest characteristics that are specific to those guests and no one else. This will help give you insight into a variety of guest characteristics that you can use to increase the chance you’ll add them as a customer.
For instance, when a call comes in to the system, you will actually know what that person likes based on previous experiences.  No matter if they enjoy hiking, are bikers, or take pictures, you will know, and you can tailor your sale to those characteristics! With our CRM, you’ll also be able to send bulkmail to all of your hikers that made a reservation with you in 2014 because you have an upcoming hiking event.  Remember; the goal of our CRM is to create the ultimate relationship between your guests and your marketing reach.  Make sure that you maximize conversions when you are trying to increase sales.  If you target the correct audience, at the right time, you will maximize your conversions and revenues.
Here are some other aspects our CRM provides:

  • When clients are not clicking into your quotes, it means there was no interaction to view the homes.  This should trigger a phone call.  Our system tracks whether your quote was delivered to the guest
  • With the beauty of chat technology, you can create triggers in our system to let you know that it is time to engage with the client.  If they have been looking at the home for over a minute, you will be alerted and you can touch base with the prospective guest!

Companies with the power to control all of these areas in lead management tend to be the most successful property management companies in their specific areas. Call today to learn more about our Lead Management and CRM system, and we will help you become one of these successful management companies!

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