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Multi-Currency/Lingual Websites

Streamline is fully committed to the powerful and diverse international vacation rental markets.
To satisfy the needs of these international markets, a property management system needs to be highly flexible. Streamline is just that, boasting a customizable, robust, and configurable solution. At the core of delivering international solutions, two primary functions must be provided to property managers. These two pillars of addressing international needs are multi-currency and multi-lingual websites.
Built native to the Streamline system, a property manager can define multiple languages at the property details area in the property management system. This allows Streamline users to effectively offer the website visitor a seamless experience when toggling from one language to the next. Many websites can toggle languages, but dynamically toggling the property details which are being delivered through the API or WordPress Plugin is a much more challenging task for many software providers. Streamline’s multi-lingual solutions for websites are top notch, allowing companies requiring multiple language solutions—whether its international or domestic—to operate in an ideal manner.
On top of the multi-lingual solutions, Streamline has also delivered multi-currency solutions for collecting funds in different currencies according to the current exchange rate. While this need is sporadic throughout the US, it is typically an absolute must for most regions throughout the world.
With these two essential international capabilities readily available, Streamline is poised to experience steep growth throughout many countries across the world. One of the most exciting traits of the vacation rental industry is that markets are limitless and Streamline is well aware of the potential that many countries represent, prompting the development of a wide variety of international solutions.

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