Newsletters, Newsletters, Newsletters

Newsletters, Newsletters, Newsletters

I’m certain that most of you are probably already aware of the benefits of a newsletter for your vacation rentals, but also keeping your guests informed is a great way to bring in business all year round. It’s also such a fabulous way to connect with your guests on a much more personal level! But how do you present a newsletter that you know is going to keep people entertained? How do you keep up with events going on in your city enough to provide them with something exciting, fun, and yet also knowledgeable material to make their stay the best?

Talk about an experience you’ve had in your beautiful town.

Maybe it was a local art festival that you went to, and bought something from a local artist. Maybe a beer or wine festival, where you tasted one of the best beverages you’ve ever had. Perhaps you found yourself enjoying a locally grown food and you need to tell someone all about it. Take pictures and share them in your newsletter! It allows your guests to see a more vibrant side of the city, see what they can also be a part of, and connect with you on interests and experiences!

Holiday Cheer

Are you approaching a holiday season? Don’t forget to include in your newsletter events going on in your city! Fourth of July fireworks, Turkey trots, New Years Eve bashes, the list goes on! Provide them all the details of these magical seasons and give them a reason to stay longer! Post pictures from holidays before.

Concerts, Comedy shows, and Community

Sometimes people just need to be entertained, perhaps a good laugh is in order. Post upcoming concerts, comedy shows, community events, or even movie times in your newsletter. You can even create QR codes on websites such as that they can scan with their smart phones to keep what they are interested in right at their fingertips. You can link it to websites for movie times, contact information for certain venues, or anything else you think might be of interest. Might not be an option for every vacation rental company but you never know how handy technology can really make your guests experiences that much more convenient.

Games, jokes, comedy strips

Once in a while, we all need a good laugh, or maybe we just need some morning entertainment with our cup of coffee. Include a crossword puzzle! You can make your own for free on websites such as that includes places or things that relates to your city or surrounding scenery, or events. Make one that is kid-friendly. Include a family friendly joke to add a bit of laughter to their lives. And of course, if you find it necessary, you can even add a small comic strip.


Don’t Waste Any Space

Fill up your newsletter with as much as you can that you are sure your guests will enjoy. These are all just a few ideas to get you going, but you can add whatever you want to. Creativity goes a long way! Not a very creative person? Designate someone to manage your newsletter for you! Include titles such as “Plan Your Holiday Season now!” Maybe even have an ideas section at the bottom where guests can email you ideas that they may want to see in your newsletter. Lastly, don’t forget to include your contact information so that if they need to reach you at any point in time during their stay, they can do so with ease.

-Bekah Duplichan, Executive Assistant/Project Manager at Streamline Vacation Rental Software

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