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In order to be the best, you need to learn from the best.  Our clients drive the ingenuity and knowledge to remain ahead of our competition.  Streamline specializes in property management software, but creating direct and seamless connections with other companies that provide quality solutions only makes our property management companies stronger.  We will go through some of our current partners and briefly explain the tactical and strategic components that led us to establish our partnership.


It is a well-known fact that they are a leader in the vacation rental booking world.  They are the backbone that has supported and helped create many of the property management companies that exist today.  With that in mind, we are fully integrated with Homeaway/VRBO and any bookings that are made through the “BOOK NOW” button, seamlessly included with our system.

Flipkey by TripAdvisor

Flipkey is very prominent on search engines and are a must in the property management industry!  Recently rebranded to utilize TripAdvisor as a traveler magnet, the integration of these two companies creates a very strong synergy which will add to bookings and lead generation.  We are very excited about the future of Flipkey and we are fully integrated with their API.

CSA/Rental Guardian/Red Sky Insurance

Insurance is always that cost where you pay to avoid worrying – and future catastrophes.  Damage waivers and trip insurance provide this same comfort level to travelers.  They may never utilize the service, but the cost is miniscule in relation to the reservation cost.  Therefore, people will need to weigh the pros and cons of using insurance.  Did you know that when a renter is in your unit, your generic Home Insurance plans do not cover the home?  There are different types of Home Insurance and many of them will not cover anything that happens while a renter is in the unit.  These companies are trying to figure out ways to reduce your liability and come up with solutions that will also remove these risks from you.  CSA and Rental Guardian are fully automated.  Red Sky is a partner but they are still working on an integration platform.


BookingPal is a very exciting product that has entered the industry.  Their techniques and their approach to distribution are very unique, and they continue to grow at an alarming rate.  What does this mean for you and Streamline? Well, because they have spent a lot of time to make sure that their negotiations with each individual channel caters to the property manager, you are able to profit.


We keep going back to diversifying your portfolio.  As they say, never put all your eggs in one basket; fortunately, Tourico allows you to avoid precisely that! Tourico is a very unique partner, as they cater to business to business transactions.  They work with companies like American Express and Wells Fargo to help manage travel based on points.  They also are the official travel agency for Sam’s Club.  This alone gives them access to 25 million people.  They also work with private travel agents and their relationships will bring a new type of clientele.

VacayHome Connect

VacayHome Connect is the leading connectivity and full-service distribution partner for the vacation rental industry, enhancing online presence and increasing bookings of professionally managed vacation homes, resorts and serviced apartments via prominent distribution channels like HomeAway, VRBO, Airbnb,, Expedia, TripAdvisor, CTrip and our exclusive membership and loyalty channels.  Integrated with the majority of the leading property and channel management systems the VacayHome Connect platform connects billions of dollars of instantly bookable inventory to millions of travelers around the world.


A leader in phone tracking, conversions and training for the sales process.  Our system talks to Navis to make sure that they have the most up-to-date information available to Streamline.


Many years ago, when we started with Streamline, we felt that building a strong network with industry gateways would provide clients with options.  This would give the flexibility and a high comfort level to the property management companies we worked with and allow them to realize that we do not FORCE you to do anything.  After all, this is your property management company and you should operate it however you want.
We do not discourage clients who have great relationships with the existing credit card processor. Providing flexible ACH solutions has become a very important feature when integrating with Gateways. Moving forward, international processing capabilities will become another critical component.


There comes a point where you simply cannot take the time to study occupancy and rates across similar homes every single day.  That is when you let a computer algorithm do that work for you—this is where yielding rates comes into play, and why we use MyRateManager.


This is one of the most creative payment ideas we have seen in years.  Many reservations include multiple families who split the cost amongst the members of the family.  PayByGroup helps manage the collection of that money.  With its unique technology, it makes sure that all parties pay for their share of the reservation.  This takes away that “leader” role that we have to assign to someone in our vacation group.  It is stressful and awkward to keep calling other members of your party and asking for money.

ResortLock/KABA/Point Central/Lock State Connect

This is definitely the future of property management automation.  These companies remove the need for keys, while automating the generation of codes for a guest’s stays.  The investment that you will make on purchasing those door locks will save you the headache of managing keys. How many times have you lost your keys?  Only to call the property manager in the middle of the night to let them know you cannot get into the home.  Say goodbye to those days.  With our guest app—which allows guests to always have access to their lock code—as well as the automation and integration of these amazing technologies, entry into a home for your guest becomes the least of your worries.
Each of these companies have very unique approaches to how they control the codes for the doors.  From algorithms already existing within the door, to wifi management of door lock codes, to cellular management of door lock codes.  It is important to do your research and make a decision that you can be confident with for many years to come.  Purchasing locks is definitely an investment, but after that, you will be opening new doors!


BeHome247 provides full control of your home and puts it at the palm of your guests’ hands.  At the same time, you are able to view and control everything that is happening at the homes from a property management standpoint.  This is the next generation in home automation.  Automatically generate door codes, open doors directly from your mobile phone, preset AC levels for your guests, control lighting for your guests prior to arrival while also putting all of these controls on the guests hands.  With notifications on problems with wifi, thermostat, appliances and any type of changes in temperature (critical for winter locations).  Remember, repeat guests and happy owners will make your company successful over the long haul.  Saving $$$$ for owners is extremely exciting to owners.
Surround yourself with the best in the industry, to be the best in the industry.  We focus on our solutions for property management.  We integrate with partners to tap into their experience and ingenuity to provide a better all-around solution.  Who wants to log into 10 different systems when they are all related to property management. We know we don’t; choose Streamline today to take care of this unmatched integration, and see why we—and our partners—are the best in the business!

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