Property Management Software Designed for any Company

Prospective Users

The property management software within Streamline was designed specifically to fit the needs of any Property Management Company. Anything from large resorts, to hotels, and even homes can be manages through this cutting edge software. In the case of a hotel in which all the units are owned by a single owner, Streamline is built to accommodate this business. It can even manage multiple hotels from the same system, bringing all facets of your business right to you. While it is great in dealing with very large volumes, Streamline is also very affective in managing small scale operations. No matter your needs, you can rest assured that your needs will be met with Streamline. There is no company too big or small to take advantage of this software.
In addition to hotels, this software was also created for any sized resort management. These go in the system as a single property with multiple owners for the many units within the property. The management of this type of property is made dramatically simpler, condensed into owner accessible modules. And you may have guessed it, but you will also have the ability to manage multiple resorts just as with hotels. Streamline is also very flexible in accommodating different levels of management within a resort. For example, if a company only manages 30 rooms in a resort of 150 rooms, their management needs will be met by the Streamline software. As with hotels, there is no Resort too big or too small for this software.
On top of that, homes are also very effectively managed with the use of Streamline. This software allows you to manage any amount of homes in any amount of locations. When managing homes it is very important to be very flexible because each one is different. This flexibility is achieved with Streamline with the ability to provide for the variance of property details in homes.
With Streamline, you will be provided all of this versatility in property management. You can manage any combination of the properties above and Streamline will aid you in the management of those properties.

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