Do you know where your bookings are coming from? Newsletters, Google, advertisements, mailers, social media? Utilize phone numbers for each campaign to track where your revenue specifically comes from.

Improve Owner Relations

  • Caller name, home, hobbies, photo
  • View pending and open owner work orders
  • View owner historical and pacing revenue values prior to answering the phone

Improve Guest Relations

  • Caller name, traits, hobbies, historical data
  • Average historical booking value, number of previous bookings
  • Current lead status, unit requested, previous quotes sent, and much more

Call Tracking & Information

  • Store every inbound recording in the appropriate lead folio
  • Understand the source of every phone call based on the phone number dialed

Evaluate & Educate

  • Educate your employees by listening in on calls
  • Study the historical trends of your incoming calls allowing you to staff appropriately
  • Track employee activity