Property Management Software System Requirements

System Requirements

Being that Streamline is completely online, all that is necessary for you to access your system is a computer with reliable internet access. However, there is often a need to print documents so a printer is necessary but not essential for use of the system.
All operating systems will run Streamline software such as Windows XP and Mac OS X. The online approach of Streamline is an attempt to reduce the extensive overhead and maintenance needed for systems requiring local servers that was apparent from research involved in the pre-production of Streamline. And since it is online, Streamline ensures that the property inventory is available to anyone in the world at anytime, which is the main goal of any reservation service. The wide reach of the internet coupled with the security and reliability of a quality internet company provide the backbone of Streamline.
While many consulting partners of Streamline referenced benefits of local software, the cost of maintaining such a network outweighed the positives. Local software also poses issues not found with internet software such as computer issues, hackers, and possible issues with connection to the local server. With more and more reliable internet provided every day, Streamline online serves as an extremely reliable and accessible tool for managing your property. Please contact us with any further inquiries regarding Streamline’s system requirements.

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