Streamline’s Yield Management and revenue optimization system has become one of the core branches of the Streamline platform.

This particular feature, functionality, and practice has become one of the hottest topics in the industry for the past several years. The vast majority of vacation rental property managers have always optimized revenue manually. Very few systems had any sort of automatic revenue optimizers built in. The standard functionality for most yield management systems looks at occupancy percentages and length of time from stay. With these two variables, a company can set their standard yielding rules. Streamline’s system can help you automate all the adjustments to happen automatically depending on the rules the property manager sets.

Our internal yield management system can eliminate the need for going to a third-party provider, where costs can be very expensive. Streamline does, however, value the service many of these third-party providers offer and supports those integrations as well. Overall, a company needs to determine what type of yielding strategy is right for them, and then determine whether the StreamYield product is right for you.

In the past several years, companies have become more and more sophisticated with yielding. More factors have come into play, like industry averages and other unique considerations. Streamline is always evolving its yielding capabilities, as this feature is critical for optimizing revenue for property managers. Having a powerful yield management system in place can make monumental differences in the revenue a company drives. Some companies have entire divisions dedicated to optimizing revenue, which shows the importance of this practice. Choosing software that can do this for you can make a world of difference in your numbers.