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Our Software Suite

The vacation rental industry has grown leaps and bounds over the past 10 years. Many U.S. families have started to shift away from the non-family orientation of hotels and into the family environment behind a vacation home. After the decline in home sales in 2008, realtors began to see more profit in renting vacation rentals vs commissions from sales, causing an influx in market competition. With so much competition in a market that was already growing, it became clear that a streamlined process needed to be created. That’s where we came in.

For the last 10 years, Streamline has worked tirelessly to simplify the vacation rental management process. Our quality suite of programs has made it easier than ever before to manage a large volume of properties by providing property managers with every function they may need. As you’ll see, this is truly the all-in-one software suite you have been looking for!

Lead Management: Creating a quote and responding to a quote request can become your first impression to a client, and is thus one of the most important parts of any vacation rental management software. With Streamline, a quote can be automatically generated within seconds by our system or your sales agents can generate a personalized quote under a minute. That means no more manually responding to leads, no more manual price calculation, and no more copy and pasting!

Websites: For us and many others in the industry, website design is a constant study on what works to attract the demographic you target, and “what works” constantly changes. However, with Streamline, you can be secure in the knowledge that we have taken the extra step to stay ahead of the curve. From desktop computer, to tables, to mobile responsive websites. Each one has unique visitors.

Responsive/Adaptive Websites: Google put their foot down in April. They made it public that they give more weight to phone searches for websites that are responsive and adaptive. As mentioned above, we stay abreast of these changes in website design, and have made certain all our current and potential clients were ready for this latest evolution. We did this by creating a great suite of responsive and adaptive websites, so you can stay in Google’s good graces.

Trust Accounting: This is a critical component to your company. Operating in trust is extremely similar to running a title company, which manages escrow. Fortunately, when you have the right technology in place, this is easily accomplished with little effort. That’s why Streamline provides the technology and the functionality for trust accounting.

Distribution Channels: It’s very important to diversify your portfolio and consider every possible booking source! To help you achieve that end, we integrate with the most powerful distribution channels in the industry to help generate as many bookings as possible. Booking.com, AirBnB, Expedia, Homeaway, VRBO and the list goes on and on. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Automate, distribute and increase bookings.

Partners: We surround ourselves with innovation and utilize those partners who dedicate their technology to specific areas. Automated locks, distribution channels, full home management, yield management, electronic signatures, powerful marketing software like NAVIS, integrated email newsletter capability, and more. These are just some of the partners that we utilize to improve your vacation rental management company.

CRM: Everyone advertises that they provide a CRM. With our mobile apps and our powerful automated document system, you are able to build stronger relationships. Profiling guests for targeted marketing is extremely critical. As a property manager, a small investment in your most loyal customers will go a long way. Remember, repeat business will change your “stress level”.

Document System: We have created a document system that is driven by triggers. These triggers are any relationship to a reservation, owner activity, housekeeping actions, maintenance activity. Once the trigger takes place, the document is sent out, automating the process so you can spend less time manually dealing with certain tasks. These are custom documents that are created dynamically and created by YOU for YOU. Days before check-in, days after check-out, lead management status, hours a reservation has been on hold and the list is extensive are just a few documents you can create with our powerful system. The right trigger will go a long way.

P.O.S.: Streamline also offers an advanced point of sale system, which allows you to keep inventory. Many clients use this feature for running their small shops or sales at their vacation rental offices. You can take in inventory to enable you to do average costing, create triggers to notify you when specific items need to be replenished, and even integrate this feature with your maintenance area to manage that critical light bulb inventory!

Reporting Suite: Our extensive list of reports allow you to understand how your company is performing. And, while you are able to create your own custom reports, our reports will provide you with the information you need to understand your performance. Our revenue forecasting report allows you to see into the future for company and individual units, while pacing reports enable you to compare today vs last year on this date. We help you understand where your business is coming from, and if any significant shifts! You may be doing a lot better than you think!

Monthly Owner Statements: Enter any fees you want to charge your owners, define your date range, click generate and approve them. That’s it. No need to go into Quickbooks or any other third party software. For those of us who truly want to Streamline this process, set up ACH and you don’t even have to pick up the checks at the printer! It’s that simple. ACH will deposit money directly into their account.

Vendor Payables: Streamline has a very powerful vendor payables system, which allows you to pay vendors and keep a historical list of payments for those vendors who think they were not paid! How convenient would it be to pay your owners and your vendors with a few clicks and the confidence that they were paid with ACH?

Payment Types: We allow you to pay owners and vendors via checks and ACH. Print your check, align your delivery address and send your checks! These checks will be logged into the owner statements which will allow them to see what check was used to pay them.

Bulk Mail: Our custom bulkmail system, replaces third party systems and allows you to create dynamic lists to target specific niches. Target marketing works!

Yielding: Our industry and other industries have historically increased their revenues by yielding their rates. Yielding rates is a constant study and evaluation of pricing and occupancy in your area. Studying the supply and demand curves in your home locations, allows you to maximize your revenue!

Vision: Our vision is to create a software system that provides property managers with exactly what they need to operate as efficiently as possible.

“By property managers, For property managers” is not just a slogan. It is what has made Streamline the fastest growing property management software in the industry. We are committed to grow technically, creatively and innovatively as we move into the future. The moment you feel that you have reached the top, you will begin a quick descent to the bottom. Surround yourself with the best and they will always challenge you to create new ideas and continue to be the best. This also comes with a commitment to deliver industry leading customer service and groundbreaking property management solutions to our valued partners”.

Our Websites

What constitutes a great website? Is it the design? Is it the ability to funnel a guest into a conversion? Is it the way the site caters to search engines? Is it related to having a mobile website? These are all great questions and, in many ways, the answer to all of these questions is yes. This is precisely why Streamline strives to deliver the best websites given the current evolution for the industry demand. Look at two of the most successful websites out there (Google and Craigslist). What makes them successful is the keyword you must always keep in mind, SIMPLICITY. There is a lot to be said about how beautiful your website looks, but is it simple to navigate? Can people find their way around? Do people enjoy using your site? Chances are, the further you get away from a soft, simple design, the more often the answer to those questions will be a resounding NO! As we explained earlier, we go out of our way to attend conferences, which teach you the most innovative ways to convert users. We have hired industry experts to help design and build some of our website templates, while also hiring design industry experts involved with major firms, such as Power Rangers, to approve our websites prior to going live. And through all that, we’ve learned that it is not just about design, it’s about engaging the user in an experience. Captivate them, keep them on the website, make their experience simple and you will have an industry leading website geared at conversions. If this doesn’t make sense off the bat, don’t worry! Streamline can help you create the website that you need, so you don’t have to worry about the ins and outs of website design. Here are just a few benefits that a Streamline site can bring to your company!

Increased Mobile Traffic

Mobile traffic is growing, and it is growing very fast! As such, everyone in the business is rushing to get a piece of that crucial mobile pie; however, few can offer the results that Streamline can provide! By utilizing adaptive and responsive design – both of which optimize websites to improve the mobile experience – we make it easy for both desktop and mobile surfers to peruse your site and make a reservation. But, even more importantly, this mobile optimization signals to Google that your site is well-optimized, giving it priority placement in the mobile results and – after further tweaking and optimizing is completed – helping you gain more traffic via mobile users. Remember; as we mentioned before, your website is all about the user journey and experience, and mobile users are a huge part of that now. If you ignore them, you ignore an important potential part of your revenue; fortunately, our industry leading web designers will craft you a website that will leave no potential revenue stream behind!


While many companies use SEO and SEM as a way to lure clients into buying their software, Streamline uses these incredibly powerful tools to their maximum potential! Our CEO, has been in the SEO & SEM industry since the inception of Google and he owns www.lurus.com, which is a web marketing company. This has allowed developers at Streamline to share in the knowledge of SEO, the benefits of which we can pass on to you! When it comes to Google, being #1 or #2 in the SERPs is what it’s all about. This is where the vast majority of traffic goes to, meaning falling anywhere below that is not as useful as it once was. Unfortunately, though Streamline has an SEO optimization process in their backend, true SEO is not accomplished without an intensive amount of work and a very high budget. But, with all this said, all is not lost! Google local rankings – a relatively new section of Google – allows companies that don’t have incredible marketing budgets to show up at the top of the results, even above the natural rankings which companies have spent so much money fighting over! By acquiring reviews, setting you up with online citation services, and using the correct keywords on your site, Streamline can help you crack the top 5 in your area, so you can improve traffic, increase the amount of properties you manage, and – of course – increase your rental rate. The reason we discuss SEO is to avoid people from being fooled with smoke and mirrors. SEO has become extremely competitive, and even Google Local has been taken advantage of to the point where it can be hard to break in. But, with our proprietary process, our high quality design team, and our years of experience, we can make your site work on all cylinders, which is just one more reason why choosing Streamline may be the best choice you make for your property management company! Call today for more information!

Robust Accounting

When it comes to property management software, having robust accounting functionality is truly a must. That’s why, here at Streamline, we offer three different types of accounting to keep you in trust, all according to your need and expectation. All three are unique and cater to your specific needs, while aiding in keeping you in trust.

Trust Accounting

One of the most critical components of a property management software system is the capability to provide trust accounting. When dealing with trust accounting, you have to look beyond the wording on websites. “We offer trust accounting” – this is a claim almost everyone makes. And yet, every state can have unique definitions of what they consider to be trust accounting – some of which have almost no specific regulations. Though that does not imply that you should not run your system without the concept of trust accounting, it does mean that doing your research is a very important part of determining what your state’s trust accounting rules may be. After all, you do not want to be audited and have your business shut down for operating out of trust, and there are no. While software systems can attempt to keep your accounting in trust, if you choose to start using money that is in trust against the rules within your state, there is not a software system out there that can audit your activity based on the rules in your state. To give you one example, in Arizona, long-term rentals have a very unique policy. In the most common definition of trust accounting, you are allowed to pay bills on behalf of the owners using the trust account. The state of Arizona takes this a bit further for long-term rentals. You CANNOT pay a bill for an owner who does not have the funds in their account to pay for that bill. If you are caught doing this, you are considered to be operating outside of trust and you can be shut down. Just do your extra research and operate within the guidelines of your state. Everything will be fine. We also offer a variety of revenue recognition rules. While this does not necessarily fall into trust accounting, when it is time to be audited, you will most definitely need to explain when you recognize revenue. When we recognize revenue, the money is in trust to the OWNER. Be very careful. At revenue recognition, the money does not belong to the property management company! We offer.

  • Daily Revenue Recognition
  • Check-in Revenue Recognition
  • Check-out Revenue Recognition
  • Cash Accounting (This is a newer concept that is becoming popular in this market)

Now that that’s out of the way, here are the three major methods of accounting that come standard with Streamline software; Read on for more information!

  • Fully compatible with Other Accounting Software – If you have a high level of comfort with your accounting software, we understand completely. That’s why we provide compatibility with most accounting software, so you don’t have to make a change that you don’t want to!
  • Commission Based Accounting – With commission based accounting, you can learn exactly what you’ve made at the end of the day – all with no hassle. With profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and everything else you need to make commission based accounting possible, this is one of the most powerful tools that Streamline has to offer. Click to read more.

Here at Streamline, we understand that accounting is one of the most important parts of running a property management business. That’s why we offer the most robust and customizable suite of trust accounting functionalities in the business! For more information, call Streamline today; we can’t wait to hear from you soon.

Distribution Channels

Generating reservations is the way that property managers survive. For many of us, we are lucky enough to have a strong repeat business source for income. However, these are the minority, as most others rely on several sources to generate income. One of the most common resources of the past few years have been Google, VRBO, Homeaway and TripAdvisor. Unfortunately, these revenue sources have become clogged with competition, making it extremely hard for many to get what they need from these avenues. So what should you do when something that represented 60% of your revenue has been cut nearly in half? This is where distribution channels come in. Here at Streamline, we do our best to make sure that you aren’t just going for the big boys in the industry, but are also diversifying your booking portfolio. We integrate with many third party distribution channels besides VRBO, Homeaway, and others to get your properties in front of eyes and away from the major competition. Let’s review some of our partners and what they have to offer:


Our system seamlessly integrates with Homeaway/VRBO with the Book Now feature. We basically update and fully integrate with Homeaway/VRBO. Your descriptions, pictures, amenities, and any information necessary to create a quality listing on these booking engines are automated. No more logging in to your account in order to update photos or any other components of your list. The Book Now feature brings reservations directly into Streamline as a reservation made from Homeaway/VRBO.


BookingPal provides connectivity to many small booking engines. However, they are now bringing on some of the industry giants. Such as Booking.com, AirBnB.com and Expedia. BookingPal also connects directly with Streamline to make sure that bookings are done seamlessly. They are extremely aggressive with their channel acquisition and have contracts in place with many major players in the travel industry.


When we decided to work with Tourico, it truly defined diversifying your portfolio. They open the market to new and creative methods for generating leads. They work closely with major travel agents around the world and have an amazing track record with property management companies. This is not your standard push into a Booking.com, this creates an innovative method to generate more bookings. Tourico will be fully integrated with Streamline and reservations will come into your system real time.

VacayHome Connect

VacayHome Connect is the leading connectivity and full-service distribution partner for the vacation rental industry, enhancing online presence and increasing bookings of professionally managed vacation homes, resorts and serviced apartments via prominent distribution channels like HomeAway, VRBO, Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, TripAdvisor, CTrip and our exclusive membership and loyalty channels.  Integrated with the majority of the leading property and channel management systems the VacayHome Connect platform connects billions of dollars of instantly bookable inventory to millions of travelers around the world.

Mobile Apps

Most people who have smart-phones tend to utilize their mobile applications much more than a company’s website, and for good reason! After all, it truly comes down to usability and convenience. Even with mobile site optimization, mobile websites truly do not have the same impact as an “app”. That’s why, here at Streamline, we’ve “streamlined” the mobile marketplace for property managers by offering easy to use mobile apps for all our clients! Here are the main apps we provide, so you can move your property management services into the 21st century!

Owner Mobile Application

First impressions are key to showcasing your software to your new owners. As an owner, it is great to have access to my availability calendar within two clicks – click to open the app, then click to view the calendar. Owners spend so much time looking at their availability calendar that just having it at their fingertips could close a potential new client. Of course, availability calendars aren’t the only functions our owner mobile application provides! Here are just a few things you can do with our owner mobile app:

  • Can create owner bookings with just a swipe of the screen
  • View future owner bookings with our in-app calendar
  • Easy management company contact forms so your owners can contact you whenever they need.
  • Send company news to owners with ease!
  • Create and view work orders on the fly
  • Add pictures and comments so you can make work orders as specific – and easy to understand – as possible,
  • Toggle between units to view and manage their different calendars.

Finally, one of the most creative and innovative areas of the app is the asset management portion. This allows you to inventory the assets in a unit. This would be used for larger items like TVs. When a TV breaks, you won’t have to call the owner to replace the TV. You will have inventory information with pictures and pricing. Even pictures of the original receipts on file to make any necessary replacements.

Housekeeping Mobile Application

The housekeeping mobile application is meant to make the process of housekeeping as simple as possible. The application exists in English and Spanish. It defaults to the language that is set on your phone. The idea is to let housekeepers know which homes they need to clean. As they go through their list, they can click on complete, this will let the system know that the unit is clean and ready to check in. Some people, like to take this to another level. They want to integrate cleanings with inspections. After someone does a cleaning, they want to be able to inspect the unit. Our system allows you to create custom inspections for each individual home. This will allow your head housekeepers to make sure that everything is cleaned according to your expectations. Remember, first impressions are important. We are now dealing with the guests, which should always be your first priority! Other functions include:

  • A translation function that will translate a work order that was entered in Spanish into English for the system user
  • The ability to close the cleaning or to force the cleaner to re-clean (if needed).
  • Check-in, in-house and check-out reports which allows you to get a quick overview on what is going on
  • The ability able to easily generate work orders if housekeepers find something wrong with the unit while they are cleaning it. Just click to add a work order and enter a few lines of information, along with pictures of the problem.

Of course, you can dig in further for each reservation, but the purpose is to give you quick overview on who is checking in. All of this is meant to simplify and streamline, the housekeeping process.

Maintenance Mobile Application

Our maintenance mobile application is meant to bring control back to the maintenance team. By bringing maintenance managers, maintenance workers, and outside vendors together, we can make it easier than ever to make everything flow smoothly with your maintenance team. Our maintenance app gives you (or the leader of your maintenance team) the ability to:

  • Assign tasks to maintenance operators or to vendors
  • Log in and view all tasks that are assigned to each operator or vendor (with priority, sorting, viewing, and specific details for each tasks)
  • Log hours and cost of parts directly from their mobile phone
  • Take before and after pictures when doing work so you can show pictures to your owners
  • Link the maintenance team with the housekeeping team. Both apps are linked to maximize efficiency and increase the greater overall availability.
  • Head operators can see all of their pending tasks, active tasks, pending closing and closed tasks. This will also allow them to assign operators, vendors, priorities, block out a unit if they find a serious problem and many more features.
  • Multilingual functionality, so you don’t have to worry about tasks being lost in translation

One of the most important features that the maintenance app brings is the ability to create custom maintenance inspections. Give the owner more!!! Inspect their units every month and keep a history of what is going on with their unit. It will make their units more attractive for sales because you will have a history of the problems that have happened when you performed an inspection in their home. Like the housekeeping app, maintenance workers at a house, will always have the ability to create a work order.

Guest Mobile Application

Guests love to have personalized information that is given to them by their property manager, while also having a direct line of contact with their property manager. It’s that special touch that few property management companies provide. Fortunately, with our Guest Mobile Application, you are able to create all of the areas that you would like to create, define any restaurants you want, allow the user to navigate directly to that restaurant, and enter any additional information, pictures, phone numbers that you want. Best of all, this is not just with restaurants; it includes practically anything. One of the most valuable assets of this guest app is the ability to enter coupons and tips. For those of you with a relationship with local companies, you can utilize the coupons area to make a little bit more money. Let your owners take their app and show it at restaurants or other locations for a discount. Many of your local vendors will actually appreciate your contribution and marketing of their company and you never know what will come out of that. In terms of tips, PERSONALIZATION to the guest is very important. Sometimes, they don’t know what to do or where to go during their vacation: This is where you and this useful app come in! Give them tips and advice, and help them have a good vacation. You can do all of this and more through our guest application! Here are just a few other functions our Guest Application provides:

  • The ability to advertise your mobile website via your guest app: This will allow people to actually make a booking directly through your guest application.
  • The functionality to show as much information as you want about the rental to the guest, including WI-FI, address, door codes, photography, videos, custom documents per home, and much more
  • Push Notification Functionality, so you can send any type of message directly to the phone as an alert at any time.
  • The Ability to create your OWN CUSTOM Guest Application (Click here for more information)

The needs of the vacation rental industry are constantly changing. We have seen the demand on pure websites, transition into mobile responsive websites. Most people are more willing to download a game into their phone, than setting up their game console and playing the game on the TV. It comes down to removing barriers for your employees. If all I have to do is open my mobile app, click to view my schedule and click complete when I am done cleaning, life is great! Always remember that when you Streamline your process and maximize efficiency, you WILL make more money. I hope you are ready for the mobile revolution. We are excited and will continue to stay ahead of our competition.

Custom Guest App

Many companies offer stock built apps to help you with your business; but, what if we told you that Streamline actually allows you to build your own, custom guest application? Yes, our administrative system has the built-in technology to allow you to manage and control a guest app that is tailored specifically to your company! With this functionality, you will be your own mobile app developer, giving your guests the tailored experience they desire during their stay. Best of all, this ahead of its time concept is simple, easy, and fun; it is truly something that will put your property management company on the path towards top notch customer service! With our custom guest apps, you can define the entirety of the experience you give your guests, including:

  • What picture would you like to show when someone first loads your application?
  • What are your social media links for anyone who wants to visit your social media websites?
  • Do you want to have someone log in to view their information for their upcoming reservation?
  • What colors do you want?
  • And much, much more?

From beginning to end, you will be in charge of everything you want your app to display. All of the colors, text colors, background colors, EVERYTHING. It is YOUR app. You will even create the sections that you want and then define the content of each section! For example, let’s say that I want to have an entertainment section. Within the entertainment section, you can create any groupings that you want and select any icon you wish. Whether you wish to display restaurants nearby, local hot spots, great parks, bars, or anything else, you can include it – along with directions and mapping. Your guests will brag about your services to all of their friends. Not only will you get that repeat business, but now you will start to tap into the friends of that repeat business!

Property Management and Marketing Functionality

Of course, entertainment and customer experience aren’t the only functions this app brings to the table; you can also utilize this app for marketing and customer retention. For instance, you can create your social outbound links from your guest app and it will never leave the app. You can even allow guest app users to visit your website and make reservations without actually leaving the guest app. Not only does this provide guests with direct access to booking, it can also help increase your social following AND site traffic – both of which are important for improving your bottom line. The most important part of the app, however, is the way that it provides information to its guests. The guests want as much information as possible. You can create a remote control document and attach it to that specific home! Show pictures, videos, wi-fi codes, door lock codes from companies like ResortLock, KABA, and Point Central. The limit is your imagination. Take your guests on an amazing experience and make sure that they just HAVE to come back!

There’s more?

Guests will be able to enter work orders directly from their phones while they are on their vacation. CUSTOMER SERVICE, if you want them back, give them the tools they want! Allow the guests to make payments through the guest app. This will give you the ability to charge the card on file or enter a new credit card to be processed. Our next feature will revolutionize the way you look at a guest application. While that may sound too good to be true, having the resources to amazing property managers, sparked the creativity behind our surprise….. We cannot wait to share this with everyone.

Allow Streamline’s Custom Guest App to Improve your Property Management Services

As you can see, a custom guest application has many advantages. But, the most important component of the guest application is that it will have your personal touch! You know the areas where you make reservations, you know where to go and what to do! These are the little things that will make your guests come back again and again – and many will do precisely that just to experience another vacation, utilizing your great tips and ideas. We hope you join our family soon and share your great ideas. This is what has taken us to where we are today! The forefront of property management software.


In order to be the best, you need to learn from the best. Our clients drive the ingenuity and knowledge to remain ahead of our competition. Streamline specializes in property management software, but creating direct and seamless connections with other companies that provide quality solutions only makes our property management companies stronger. We will go through some of our current partners and briefly explain the tactical and strategic components that led us to establish our partnership.


It is a well-known fact that they are a leader in the vacation rental booking world. They are the backbone that has supported and helped create many of the property management companies that exist today. With that in mind, we are fully integrated with Homeaway/VRBO and any bookings that are made through the “BOOK NOW” button, seamlessly included with our system.


TripAdvisor is very prominent on search engines and are a must in the property management industry! Recently rebranded to utilize TripAdvisor as a traveler magnet, the integration of these two companies creates a very strong synergy which will add to bookings and lead generation. We are very excited about the future of TripAdvisor and we are fully integrated with their API.

CSA/Rental Guardian/Red Sky Insurance

Insurance is always that cost where you pay to avoid worrying – and future catastrophes. Damage waivers and trip insurance provide this same comfort level to travelers. They may never utilize the service, but the cost is miniscule in relation to the reservation cost. Therefore, people will need to weigh the pros and cons of using insurance. Did you know that when a renter is in your unit, your generic Home Insurance plans do not cover the home? There are different types of Home Insurance and many of them will not cover anything that happens while a renter is in the unit. These companies are trying to figure out ways to reduce your liability and come up with solutions that will also remove these risks from you. CSA and Rental Guardian are fully automated. Red Sky is a partner but they are still working on an integration platform.


BookingPal is a very exciting product that has entered the industry. Their techniques and their approach to distribution are very unique, and they continue to grow at an alarming rate. What does this mean for you and Streamline? Well, because they have spent a lot of time to make sure that their negotiations with each individual channel caters to the property manager, you are able to profit.


We keep going back to diversifying your portfolio. As they say, never put all your eggs in one basket; fortunately, Tourico allows you to avoid precisely that! Tourico is a very unique partner, as they cater to business to business transactions. They work with companies like American Express and Wells Fargo to help manage travel based on points. They also are the official travel agency for Sam’s Club. This alone gives them access to 25 million people. They also work with private travel agents and their relationships will bring a new type of clientele.

VacayHome Connect

VacayHome Connect is the leading connectivity and full-service distribution partner for the vacation rental industry, enhancing online presence and increasing bookings of professionally managed vacation homes, resorts and serviced apartments via prominent distribution channels like HomeAway, VRBO, Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, TripAdvisor, CTrip and our exclusive membership and loyalty channels.  Integrated with the majority of the leading property and channel management systems the VacayHome Connect platform connects billions of dollars of instantly bookable inventory to millions of travelers around the world.


A leader in phone tracking, conversions and training for the sales process. Our system talks to Navis to make sure that they have the most up-to-date information available to Streamline.


Many years ago, when we started with Streamline, we felt that building a strong network with industry gateways would provide clients with options. This would give the flexibility and a high comfort level to the property management companies we worked with and allow them to realize that we do not FORCE you to do anything. After all, this is your property management company and you should operate it however you want. We do not discourage clients who have great relationships with the existing credit card processor. Providing flexible ACH solutions has become a very important feature when integrating with Gateways. Moving forward, international processing capabilities will become another critical component.


There comes a point where you simply cannot take the time to study occupancy and rates across similar homes every single day. That is when you let a computer algorithm do that work for you—this is where yielding rates comes into play, and why we use MyRateManager.


This is one of the most creative payment ideas we have seen in years. Many reservations include multiple families who split the cost amongst the members of the family. PayByGroup helps manage the collection of that money. With its unique technology, it makes sure that all parties pay for their share of the reservation. This takes away that “leader” role that we have to assign to someone in our vacation group. It is stressful and awkward to keep calling other members of your party and asking for money.

ResortLock/KABA/Point Central/Lock State Connect

This is definitely the future of property management automation. These companies remove the need for keys, while automating the generation of codes for a guest’s stays. The investment that you will make on purchasing those door locks will save you the headache of managing keys. How many times have you lost your keys? Only to call the property manager in the middle of the night to let them know you cannot get into the home. Say goodbye to those days. With our guest app—which allows guests to always have access to their lock code—as well as the automation and integration of these amazing technologies, entry into a home for your guest becomes the least of your worries. Each of these companies have very unique approaches to how they control the codes for the doors. From algorithms already existing within the door, to wifi management of door lock codes, to cellular management of door lock codes. It is important to do your research and make a decision that you can be confident with for many years to come. Purchasing locks is definitely an investment, but after that, you will be opening new doors!


BeHome247 provides full control of your home and puts it at the palm of your guests’ hands. At the same time, you are able to view and control everything that is happening at the homes from a property management standpoint. This is the next generation in home automation. Automatically generate door codes, open doors directly from your mobile phone, preset AC levels for your guests, control lighting for your guests prior to arrival while also putting all of these controls on the guests hands. With notifications on problems with wifi, thermostat, appliances and any type of changes in temperature (critical for winter locations). Remember, repeat guests and happy owners will make your company successful over the long haul. Saving $$$$ for owners is extremely exciting to owners. Surround yourself with the best in the industry, to be the best in the industry. We focus on our solutions for property management. We integrate with partners to tap into their experience and ingenuity to provide a better all-around solution. Who wants to log into 10 different systems when they are all related to property management. We know we don’t; choose Streamline today to take care of this unmatched integration, and see why we—and our partners—are the best in the business!

Fetch My Guest

Fetch My Guest is a cloud based Intelligent Marketing Automation Platform exclusively designed for Vacation Rental Professionals. Our unique platform provides vacation rental managers and owners with an integrated marketing service that promotes their brand, sell more direct and build stronger relationships with their guest, resulting in increased direct bookings while dramatically reducing marketing costs.

Fetch My Guest is easily integrated with Streamline and enhances the value of every lead that comes into your vacation rental company. Our “on boarding” process and training is fast and simple. Our built in customer support system is standard for all implementations.

Go to www.fetchmyguest.com and click on “Demo” to schedule a live demonstration or contact us.

Lead Management & Customer Relations Management

As property managers, our #1 concern tends to be generating revenue. Probably a very good focal point for continued success. The most important correlation to revenue becomes the owners and your guests. It truly comes down to optimizing the ability to make reservations and maintaining relationships with guests. It also ties into creating a relationship with your owners. What if you could automate all of this? Our lead management system and our customer relation management tools will help to achieve these goals and more.

Our Lead Management System

Here at Streamline, we have the most advanced and creative conversion process. By looking into response times, maximizing quote generation, and putting checks and balance in place, we enable property managers to fill the demands of speed and inquiry conversions. When you put our call tracking system, online chat and SMS platforms in place, you have begun to control your lead sources and enable nearly every form of communication with a client. How many times have you told your sales agents to make sure they select the “Heard About Us” dropdown? How else are you going to know what generates money for you! But, with our phone tracking system, you do not need to rely on your agents any more. No longer will you have to worry about the “Heard About Us” dropdown, and no longer will you have to puzzle out where your leads are coming from; you will know exactly where the call came from and that phone number determines the source of the call. There are many other features that come into play with our call management component on our lead management system but we encourage you to have a demo and see the full capabilities for yourself! How amazing would it be to receive a phone call and know paramount information concerning the caller? Information that you simply must know when running a property management company, such as if they are actually in your system? With Streamline, this functionality is just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll be able to record calls and tie them into the folio, tap into a call as the manager and listen for training purposes, and even get a transcription of the phone call and analyze calls for specific keywords! Yes, I know this sounds too good to be true; but, as we continue to add functionality, Streamline continues to separate itself from its competitors. Creativity, ingenuity and experience in the property management industry has allowed us to become innovators. These are just a few reasons why our Lead Management system is the best in the industry!

Customer Relationship Management

Marketing & knowing your target audience is critical in the success of your business. Knowing things such as who you are talking to on the phone and who you should be targeting, depending on the time of year are all extremely important to improving your rental conversion rates. Fortunately, with our CRM system, you will be able to define guest characteristics that are specific to those guests and no one else. This will help give you insight into a variety of guest characteristics that you can use to increase the chance you’ll add them as a customer. For instance, when a call comes in to the system, you will actually know what that person likes based on previous experiences. No matter if they enjoy hiking, are bikers, or take pictures, you will know, and you can tailor your sale to those characteristics! With our CRM, you’ll also be able to send bulkmail to all of your hikers that made a reservation with you in 2014 because you have an upcoming hiking event. Remember; the goal of our CRM is to create the ultimate relationship between your guests and your marketing reach. Make sure that you maximize conversions when you are trying to increase sales. If you target the correct audience, at the right time, you will maximize your conversions and revenues. Here are some other aspects our CRM provides:

  • When clients are not clicking into your quotes, it means there was no interaction to view the homes. This should trigger a phone call. Our system tracks whether your quote was delivered to the guest
  • With the beauty of chat technology, you can create triggers in our system to let you know that it is time to engage with the client. If they have been looking at the home for over a minute, you will be alerted and you can touch base with the prospective guest!

Companies with the power to control all of these areas in lead management tend to be the most successful property management companies in their specific areas. Call today to learn more about our Lead Management and CRM system, and we will help you become one of these successful management companies!


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