The following is a thorough listing of all the cutting edge features offered to Property Managers through Streamline software.

Website Integration and Online Booking

You are sure to draw viewers into your sight with the assistance of the cutting edge online booking system. Any viewer’s option to simply confirm reservations or submit property requests will result in a greater volume of reservations. Use I-frames, XML/API, or WordPress Plug-ins to seamlessly integrate Streamline into your current website. If your website needs revamping, pick one of our stylish templates to capture anyone’s attention.

Lead Management System for VRBO/Homeaway/TripAdvisor

The use of the VRBO, Homeaway and TripAdvisor lead management system allows for a greater conservation of your money and time. Boost the marketing efficiency of your reservation system by directly introducing leads from these sources into it. Keeping an eye on reservations has never been easier, with the ability to understand sales flow and perform conduct reviews for your employees by tracking these leads. With this newfound ability, you can better understand and improve your conversion percentages and alleviate some of the responsibilities of a property manager.

VRBO/Homeaway/TripAdvisor Calendar Integration

Cut down on stress and headaches generated by multiple calendars with Streamline’s calendar management features. All of your VRBO, Homeaway and TripAdvisor calendars are automatically updated through Streamline, so you can manage them all from the same location. Makes marking events and reservations effort free, so you can spend that time focused on other facets of your business. See where this newfound efficiency takes you with stress-free lead and calendar management from the same source.

WordPress Plug-ins

Enjoy the incredible flexibility of the Streamline software through the simple combination of this software with a wide gamut of website template options. Give your online booking and content management a sleek and professional look with one of many WordPress website templates. Experience the flexile nature of how the software and website function with respect to each other.

Accounting Suite

Simplify the tracking of the flow of money within your company through the use of the cutting edge double entry trust accounting system, which Streamline provides. Its efficiency is matched by its easy-to-use functionality with easy integration with QuickBooks and management of accounts through the internal chart feature, facilitating expense, payables, revenue, and asset tracking. Additionally, rental management software within the system allows you to easily provide vendors and owners with statements, written checks, and 1099’s when necessary.

Housekeeping Module

Efficiency in housekeeping is a major priority of Streamline software with a single portal dedicated to housekeeping. This provides for very clear management of the process. With the ability to provide each individual housekeeper with access to streamline to update their progress as they go, Streamline provides simple and effective housekeeping management.

Owner Module

In order to heighten owner contentment within your business, Streamline provides them with the cutting edge Owner Module. With this tool, owners can simply manage all aspects of their unit, with the ability to create/maintain a calendar, make maintenance requests, view their statements, and many more features. With this enhancement of the owner’s experience, you are sure to increase satisfaction of your customers and the appeal of your company.

Front Desk/Reservationist Module

Streamline allows the front desk reservation agent access to many facets of the administrative fabric of the company. Unlike most companies in which the front desk attendant simply manages reservations, this allows them to play a more integral role in the company. With access to property setup, user management, and many other tools, your front desk staff will be equipped to perform a more comprehensive and effective role.

Administrative Module

This Module provides the user with access to all components of the Streamline Software, and affords the ability to make changes where seen fit. It is meant for the power users within the business and offers a very comprehensive overview of all facets of that business. Everything can be managed from this module from property management to reservations to season management, the system is truly at your fingertips within this module, simplifying the task of running such an extensive business.

Travel Agent Modules

Streamline also affords you the ability to work with travel agents within the system. Streamline truly optimizes your cooperation with travel agents to get the greatest increase in reservations and in turn, your revenue. There are many different options in terms of travel agents based on how your business is run. These different options are accommodated by unique modules for each. Streamline keeps careful records of statements and commission as to ensure that money is divided appropriately in this partnership.

Email Marketing and Bulkmail System

With Streamline, there is no need for additional email marketing software, for this is provided within the system. This allows you to run email-marketing campaigns without the need for hiring a third party. The versatility of the internal marketing system affords you the ability to use flyers, postcards, and videos to market to specific audiences through the convenience of email. This will increase the personality of your business while cutting down on additional overhead costs.


Activity Management and Scheduling

This feature of Streamline acts as a way to improve the quality of your guests stay while simply maintaining the logistics on your end. Services provided to your guests through you can be charged to them and scheduled through Streamline. Things such as transportation, message therapy, and many other services can be afforded to the guest and managed simply.

Property Flyers

Streamline makes it easy to market your properties to the public with unique and polished flyers. These flyers are prepared within Streamline automatically each time you put a unit in the system. A flyer will contain all information pertinent to the unit to which it refers. You have many options on how you wish to market this your audience.

Quote Generator

Streamline gives you the ability to make quotes more accessible to the public. A reservationist can send this information directly from the booking page, which saves time and increases the likelihood of drawing customers. With the quote for a single or multiple properties more readily available to the customer, it makes it easier for them to choose your rental service.

Guest Management System CRM

Streamline provides insight into marketing prioritization by tracking all guests and potential guests. You gain a sense of your market group through a detailed list of organized guest information. This makes it easy to contact groups of past or future guests based on their similarities. Provided the knowledge of where your guests are coming from, you can better tailor to the needs of different groups of guests both in the reservation process and in their stay as well.

Coupon/Discount Management System

There is a great deal of flexibility in discounting promotion. Users can create discounts based on virtually any aspect of a transaction with a customer. They can be based on percentages, value, reservation type and much more. This, coupled with the powerful promotional tools within Streamline, results in a very effective campaign in reaching potential guests with reservation incentives. These discounts can be manually implemented by users or they can be an integrated part of the booking process, affording you the flexibility you need to creatively entice customers to pick your service.

Enterprise Email Management

Keep track of all your company’s affairs with Streamline’s Email Management features. This system allows you to see all that is being sent to and from your business from one hub. You now have the ability to maximize efficiency by overseeing email response times, outgoing content, and tracking employee performance. You can also easily convert leads through reservation flow because the system automatically brings them to you.

Advanced Document/Email Template System

Maximize your efficiency in communicating with clients with the built-in document and email template system. Automatically reach out to customers with eye-catching emails based on email triggers. You can automate these emails as responses for payment received confirmation, check out/check in reminders, reservation booking, and countless other situations. Users can contact any group through the internal emailing system with personalized, professional looking documents regarding any transaction and track these emails efficiently.

Owner Website

Landing pages for the owners of each unit are automatically built within Streamline every time a property is added. So each property has a unique domain where it can be accessed separately from all other units. Therefore, if a potential customer is interested in a particular unit, they can easily go to the access point that is specific to that property and that owner. This cuts down on any confusion that can be found in navigating the system for rental units. It also allows for owners to take part in their own marketing often resulting in an increased commission for rentals on that unit.

Short Term Rentals & Long Term Rentals

With such a great variation in types of reservations, from extended stays to very short stays, it can be difficult for a property management company to find software that handles all types of reservations effectively within one system. With Streamline, powerful tools and functions are found within the same system to deal with all types of reservation requests. You can rest assured knowing that Streamline simplifies any reservation transaction.

Historical Data Tracking

Streamline keeps a detailed record of all changes made within the system that is always available for your referral. All important processing information is kept in this archive with information on when it was executed and by whom it was executed. It is sometimes important to gain a sense of company security, and this can be accomplished with our processor report, which lays out all processing information an individual user implemented within a timeframe.

Nightly Audits

The Nightly Audit moves capital from a payable ledger to a revenue ledger. From there it is accessible for payment to the owners automatically when creating/sending owner statement. The greatest priority of the audit is the option to account for revenue on a check in, check out, or nightly basis. This gives you increased control over your cash flow especially with the ability to look over your collection/refund receipts each day.

Nightly Receipts

Tracking payments collected is an important facet of any business. Streamline gives you a chance to have an indicative glance at your funds collected over any time frame you choose. The receipts report provided by Streamline provides a clear breakdown of all payments received based on categories of payment as well as refunds. It also allows you to always refer to when each transaction happened and whom the other party involved was.

Reservation Add Ons

Property Managers often offer additional services/items to customers when booking their reservations. Streamline allows you to integrate these offers directly into the reservation process online. So the customer can reserve these additional amenities by simply pointing and clicking. The extreme accessibility of these experience add-on serves to boost your revenue while providing guests with an improved experience.

Guest Feedback System

Guest feedback is important, both for providing insight into the guests’ experience and to provide potential guests with referrals to previous guests’ experiences. Attain this feedback quickly and efficiently when the system automatically sends an email the each guest asking for feedback about all aspects of their experience. Their responses are sent to you and you can organize them based on which ones you would like to appear on your website. These short anecdotes about former guests’ experiences are sure to entice potential guests looking to make a reservation.

Property Videos & Virtual Tours

Improve the experience of potential guests navigating your system by uploading videos of the properties with virtual tours. They can be easily found by customers searching for a wonderful place to vacation. With videos providing a visual and audio experience for the guest during the reservation process, it is shown to have largely increased conversion percentage.

Charging Rules And Automatic Credit CardCharging

With Streamline, you control the charging rules that your company will follow in conducting reservations. You can collect payment in a way where the system automatically charges the credit cards on the payment date. This provides your team with a hassle-free way to collect funds so they can focus on other aspects of the rental process.

Internal Check Writing

The Streamline software provides a simple process for writing checks to vendors and owners directly through the system. Checks written within the system will be accounted for in the payables system, balancing the recorded funds. Through this system, you can provide owners and vendors with 1099’s when due. Also, with its extensive versatility, Streamline also provides a check writing service through direct integration with QuickBooks.

Commission Management

Experience flexibility in setting commission rates for all parties involved in the reservation process. You are able to set them up based on types of properties or you have the option of doing it on a reservation-to-reservation basis. So, based on how you run your business you can set up different rates for both long and short term commissions.

Owner Charges and Recurring Transactions

This software affords many options in how you choose to charge owners based on what is most convenient for you. You can choose to do single, multiple, or recurring charges. With the help of Streamline you can make thousands of charges to different owners in just seconds. The user also has the ability to define rules of charging for a particular owner so these charges are made automatically to the owner based on those rules, thus increasing the efficiency of the charging process.

Renting and Non Renting Units

Support is provided for both renting and non-renting units. While non-renting units are often maintained through the services of a given rental company they are also given separate features within Streamline so they can be accounted for in the system but left out of the reservation process. This ensures that the two remain separate but equally cared for by the company.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Pricing

Price definition is made very simple by Streamline with the ability to set prices based on daily, weekly, and monthly rates. You may also create price variation for different types of rooms, seasons, and on a per unit basis. Extreme flexibility within the system allows you to outline very specific pricing for varying circumstances based on how you run your business.

Credit Card Swiping

With an advancing accessibility to swiping devices through USB technology, credit cards can be directly charged to the system allowing for payment from any computer. This confines all charges to one place within the system providing for confusion free payment collection and overview.