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RevMax BI reporting

Gain Visibility Into Your Organization


Basic Operational

Sometimes pinpointing problem areas in operations is difficult to do. At Streamline, we understand this, which is why we built reports to analyze how your team is performing, allowing you to make educated decisions.


From nightly audits to full Trust Accounting breakdown reports, Streamline has you covered. We have spent over 10 years developing some of the best accounting reports the industry has ever seen.

Forecast & Pacing

Know where your company is going with our forecasting & pacing reports. We have many out-of-the box reports and optional modules that will showcase your company’s trajectory.


Understand your company’s occupancy by running daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports. You can even compare against the previous year.


It’s time to invest, not gamble. Streamline gives you clarity on your marketing investments to make precision decisions on spending.

Call Center

Improve revenue by creating accountability within your sales organization. Provide reservationist reports to learn from and coach them to improve conversion rates.

OTA Performance

For many, fine-tuning your OTA strategy can make a massive difference in your overall revenue. Having reports that empower those decisions are critical and is why Streamline makes these reports readily available out-of-the-box.


Are you running email campaigns? Once you’re on Streamline, you soon will be. Our reports will give you success-rates and even revenue driven.


Giving owners transparency in their investments is critical for retention. You can generate property PnLs, Owner Statements, and many others to inform your homeowners and keep them feeling confident about using your management services.


Give your maintenance team visibility in their schedule, track inventory, and revenue generated.


Run reports for your housekeeping staff revenue, cleans, routes, and totals with ease.


Know who is accessing the system and when changes are made.

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