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Our PropertyCare maintenance mobile application is meant to bring control back to the maintenance team. By bringing maintenance managers, maintenance workers, and outside vendors together, we can make it easier than ever to make everything flow smoothly with your maintenance team. Our maintenance app and vacation home management software gives you (or the leader of your maintenance team) the ability to:

  • Assign tasks to maintenance operators or to vendors
  • Log in and view all tasks that are assigned to each operator or vendor (with priority, sorting, viewing, and specific details for each tasks)
  • Log hours and cost of parts directly from their mobile phone
  • Take before and after pictures when doing work so you can show pictures to your owners
  • Link the maintenance team with the housekeeping team. Both apps are linked to maximize efficiency and increase the greater overall availability.
  • Head operators can see all of their pending tasks, active tasks, pending closing and closed tasks. This will also allow them to assign operators, vendors, priorities, block out a unit if they find a serious problem and many more features.
  • Multilingual functionality, so you don’t have to worry about tasks being lost in translation

One of the most important features that the maintenance app brings is the ability to create custom maintenance inspections. Give the owner more!!! Inspect their units every month and keep a history of what is going on with their unit. It will make their units more attractive for sales because you will have a history of the problems that have happened when you performed an inspection in their home. Like the housekeeping app, maintenance workers at a house, will always have the ability to create a work order.

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The PropertyCare housekeeping mobile application simplifies the housekeeping process. It defaults to the language that is set on your phone (English or Spanish). Let housekeepers know which homes they need to clean. As they go through their list, they can click on complete, which will let the system know that the unit is clean and ready to check in. Some users like to take this to another level. They want to integrate cleanings with inspections. After someone does a cleaning, they want to be able to inspect the unit. Our system allows you to create custom inspections for each individual home. This will allow your head housekeepers to make sure that everything is cleaned according to your standards. Remember, first impressions are important. We are now dealing with the guests, which are your first priority! Other functions include:

  • A translation function that will translate a work order that was entered in Spanish into English for the system user
  • The ability to close the cleaning or to force the cleaner to re-clean (if needed)
  • Check-in, in-house and check-out reports which allows you to get a quick overview on what is going on
  • The ability to easily generate work orders if housekeepers find something wrong with the unit while they are cleaning it – just click to add a work order and enter a few lines of information, along with pictures of the problem

Of course, you can dig in further for each reservation, but the purpose is to give you a quick overview on who is checking in. All of this is meant to simplify and streamline the housekeeping process.

What’s included?

Work Order Management
  • Submit work orders to your crew
  • Create work orders directly from inspections
  • Owners can submit work orders (optional)
Clean Management
  • Run daily, weekly, and monthly clean reports
  • Define scheduling using a rule system
  • Create clean-routes optimized for time
  • Text Messages
  • Email Messages
  • Push Notifications
Labor Logging
  • Define standard labor pricing
  • Add, track, and price inventory
  • Enter discounts for labor costs
  • Sync labor costs directly into accounting reports

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