Switching Softwares -

Switching Softwares

Making the switch

1. Imports/Transitioning

Setup and transfers made easy

Save valuable time and resources by importing all units from your current system. Our dedicated teams will guide you through the entire process to ensure accuracy and success during the import and software transition. 

2. Training

Streamline University Online training program

We believe that a properly trained client will get the most out of Streamline and maximize efficiency and profits. We have developed a series of training modules, which incrementally introduces the user to Streamline. Each module builds on the previous to create a solid foundation throughout the training process. On-site training is also available. 

3. Streamline Support

Responsive and knowledgeable 

Streamline understands the value of great customer service. Our support team includes a talented staff who is dedicated to helping our customers get the most out of the software.