Phone System

Built to increase conversion & guest relationships

Phone System Vacation Property Management
guest data access

Guest Data Access

Before you even answer the phone, the Phone System will query and display guest data. You will see recent quotes, previous reservations, and historical notes. Greet your guests like never before and improve relationships.

Agent Tools

From our Phone System, you have instant access to Text Door Codes, WiFi Codes or even a link to download your Guest APP. This will save your reservations team a lot of time and help improve the overall guest experience.

agent call scoring

Agent Call Scoring & Coaching

An integral part of running a successful sales team is having access to tools that allow you to measure success & provide coaching. Not only does our phone system allow you to record and score calls, but also improves efficiency with advanced tools and KPI data sets.

CRM Integration

Adding the phone system to your CRM is truly adding a layer of success to your sales team. With access to call/guest data, your reservationists are armed with tools and data to increase conversion.

Vacation Rental CRM

crm integration

Phone Integration & Architecture


Answering Rules

Define hours of operation, custom call routing rules, device rules, and department level rules to send specific calls to specific agents. Answering rules also give you an extra layer of tracking campaigns and success within the team.


Extensions & Call Tree

Robust voicemail with email notifications, custom greetings, advanced call forwarding, and real-time call management on each phone extension. Use extensions to play announcements, eliminating the need to answer the phone for commonly requested information, such as hours of operation and check-in details.


Call Delegation

Call Delegation is an easy way for admin assistants who are placing calls on behalf of executives to manage a high volume of call transfers. It also simplifies the call experience for executives and operations managers.


Call Screening & Blocking

Caller ID information displays before the incoming call ever connects, giving you some reference to decide how you want to respond to the call. You can answer it, decline it, or send it directly to voicemail.


Call Forwarding

It’s easy to forward calls based on Guest information, the time of day, date range, and more; ensuring important Guests are prioritized and quickly routed to the right reservationist or operations manager.


Device Transfer Flip

If your reservationists are temporarily answering calls from their cell, we make it easy to Flip-Device back to desktop where Streamline’s tools are available. Flip to cellular or desktop anytime during the call.


Automated Bulk Text

Automate check-in detail text messages to guests, ask them to download your Guest APP, and even provide education about the surrounding areas. You can even text message post-checkout to ask for reviews.


Voicemail to Email

Receive emails of voicemails directly to your inbox to action. No more missing important voicemail outside of normal hours or rolled calls.


CRM Integration

With access to call/guest data, your reservationists are armed with tools and data to increase conversion and build lasting relationships.


Agent Motivator KPIS

Keep your reservationists motivated and accountable to hit metrics and measure success of their efforts. We provide the right KPIs to keep everyone on the same page within your sales team.


Call Recording & Scoring

Record and score calls to keep your reservationists improving, closing more bookings, and improving the experience for your guest.


Powerful Reporting Suite

Our reporting allows you to see call volume, campaign success, and agent efficiency.

What’s included?

Guest Data Sync
  • Quotation Data
  • Historical Reservations
  • Notes & Flags
Efficiency Tool Set
  • Quick Text WiFi / Door Codes / Guest APP Download
  • Notate Reservations / Quotes
Campaign Reporting Data
  • Correlate Call Volume to Specific Campaigns
  • Attribute Call Revenue Directly to Campaigns
  • Determine Outbound Call Campaign Success
Bulk Text
  • Blast Historical Guests to Increase Retention
  • Email Current Guests Educational Emails About the Destination
Agent Call Scoring
  • Listen to Recorded Calls
  • Score Calls Based on Your Custom Scoring System
  • Run Agent Call Performance Reports
Phone System Architecture
  • Agent Call Scoring
  • Guest Data Popup
  • Agent In-Call Efficiency Toolset
  • Call Routing (Call Tree)
  • Answering Rules
  • Call Delegation
  • Call Screening & Blocking
  • Device Transfer Flip
  • Automated Bulk Text Marketing
  • Voicemail to Email
  • CRM Integration
  • Agent Motivator KPIs
  • Powerful Reporting Suite

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