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Arrived – Your Vacation Rental Destination

Case Study – From Eight Units to 350+ Units in Five Years

Arrived Case Study

Case Study | Arrived


  • Grew from eight units to more than 350 in just five years
  • Shopped for software to save time and streamline processes
  • Entered VR Industry because she wanted a fun investment
  • Feels like she can use Streamline how she wants to run her business
  • Tasks that took 2+ hours now take less than 10 minutes
  • Feels if she hadn’t picked Streamline in 2015, she would’ve ended up on platform anyway
  • Watches virtual learning series to supplement system knowledge
  • Uses SLU to help train new employees
  • Has seen other systems and feels Streamline has the most tools by far
  • Signing with Streamline allowed for immediate owner acquisitions

Click below to watch CEO Carlos Corzo interview Jennifer Mucha, Arrived President, in our video series, “A Step Ahead”.

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