Adwords Remarketing

May 1, 2016 | Uncategorized, White Board SEO Blog

In this video blog, we go over the basics of Adwords Remarketing, one of Google’s most popular products. After a brief overview, we delve into how it works, why it is important and the steps necessary to begin using it. Consider it a Remarketing 101 class for users new to the product.

Remarketing allows you to serve ads to users who have already visited your website. Once your remarketing code is properly installed, Adwords begins creating lists of users who have been to your site. These lists are completely customizable; you can create lists based on specific pages users have visited, specific pages users have not yet visited, duration of visit, and a whole slew of other options.

With these custom lists in place, you can now target ads to users who have previously been interested in your product. For example, you can target users who have shown interest in a specific property, or users who made it to a specific point in the checkout process but did not complete the transaction. This gives the user a second chance to become a conversion, and given their previous interest, that second chance might be all that’s needed to put them over the edge.