MACs vs PCs

Jul 18, 2015 | CEO Blog

This has been quite the battle over the past few years and definitely a strange topic to bring up….

I went through school and many years of work using PCs. I always thought I would never switch over to a Mac. In my case, I think it was part of having a Computer Science Masters Degree. I don’t think that a switch to a Mac would go well with my colleagues. When iTunes first came out, I purchased my music through iTunes. Then, the iPad became the norm for everyone. Including my kids!

At company board meetings, we always meet at our headquarters in Tempe, Arizona. One of the board members, purchased a MacBook Air and an apple TV. When we had our board meetings, he brought his equipment for years and told everyone to switch to the dark side. While we had cables to connect our PCs to our presentation screens, he would show up with his MacBook Air, and seamlessly display his screen on our monitor.

If you have ever lifted a MacBook Air, it is extremely light. I resisted the switch for many years. After trying to connect all of our computers, iPads and phones to share music, it started to get frustrating to do everything seamlessly. For about 10 years, all I did was remove viruses from our home computers. I also had many friends show up at my house to fix their PC. After my 1000th virus on a very expensive computer with every virus protection imaginable, I just could not do it any more. I needed a way to improve my efficiency. I had to give something a try where I was not cleaning viruses every few months. I did it! I purchased a MacBook Air. Talk about feeling strange… It was probably the biggest change I have ever taken on. After 30 years on a PC, I started to use a Mac. When I was younger, I remember booting up our PC and leaving for a few minutes until it was ready to be used.

Today, I have a MacBook Air, mini-ipad and I finally purchased an i-Phone. I had to try this buzz and see it for myself. Now, I have an apple TV at the office. I have not had a virus for several years. If you are like me, I check my email. I work with Word and Excel. Now, if you go into Google, you don’t even need Word or Excel. They provide a real-time solution for you to work on a document and have others working on the document. That was another change that I resisted for years. However, it is like working on Word and Excel in the cloud. But the best thing is that two people can be working on the document simultaneously. It is incredible. Back to the MacBook Air. For those people who love gaming, I do not have the experience but they stand by their powerful PC. Don’t take this as an Apple advertisement. Everything has its faults. I just wanted to share my experience for those of you that are on the fence.

Apple technology used to be geared at simplicity. Make things easy…. Make things simple… They were successful and that is how they quickly captured a lot of market share with the iPad. It was simple to use. Today, Windows and Tables have started to realized that simple sells. The battle is currently on the side of PCs. That may never change. However, you should evaluate any time lost due to viruses. That is what truly sent me over the edge. It was a hard change, but you won’t find me without my MacBook Air.

Good luck with future PCs or Mac choices.

For those of you that are curious how this related to vacation rentals, it has helped me work faster and every once in a while, it is ok to talk about something else…..