How to Know When Your Vacation Rental Software is Holding You Back

Mar 3, 2024 | Property Managers Blog

As the saying goes, you shouldn’t settle for less than you deserve.

This holds true in matters of the heart and matters of property management!

It can be difficult to see the signs that your current vacation rental software is holding you back from the growth and success of your business.

Below we cover the most common reasons property managers make the switch to a new vacation rental software. If any of these resonate with you, it may be time to do the same!

Little or lacking support

Learning a new technology can present challenges for anyone, especially property managers who run short on time.

If your current vacation rental software has lackluster customer support, this can be extremely frustrating when trying to complete your training and onboarding. Even after you fully transition, you may experience problems with the quality or accessibility of your customer support team.

Feeling unsupported or frustrated by difficulties with the software can lead to dissatisfaction in your team. Wasting time trying to teach yourself how to operate software without the proper knowledge or guidance is an inefficient way to run a business.

However, moving to a new software platform means your team will need to adapt to the changes and learn the ropes of the new system. This takes time to get everyone back up to speed.

Look for a software provider that offers comprehensive training and onboarding support to ensure your staff can confidently use the new tools. The quicker they become proficient, the faster your business can fully harness the potential of the software.

Streamline has an extensive knowledge base to enable property managers to troubleshoot on their own. Between the thousands of support articles and our dedicated customer support team, you’ll have everything you need to support your business.


Unexpected pricing changes

Software pricing in itself is confusing. With hidden costs, add-ons, and industry jargon muddying the waters, it can impede your understanding of what you’re actually paying for.

Your current software provider may miscommunicate or change prices quickly and often. This inconsistency can complicate the efficiency of your vacation rental business. Keep this in mind if you decide to look for alternatives.

It helps to research the pricing structure of the vacation rental software you’re considering. Look for transparent pricing models with no hidden fees and be sure to clarify what features are included in the base package and which ones come as optional extras.


Lack of innovation

Software must keep pace with innovation. Especially in an industry as fast-paced as the vacation rental world, your property management software needs to continue innovating.

A good rule of thumb is to seek features that do the tasks you dread, or tasks that would take you too long to figure out yourself.

As an example, trust accounting features can simplify your financial statements and prioritize accuracy. An intuitive reservation management system will see opportunities in your booking calendar easier and quicker than you have the time to do.

Having vacation rental software that integrates with OTAs and distribution channels can exponentially increase the number of people who view your rentals. Seek out software with robust integration options to maximize your visibility.


Final considerations

When transitioning to new vacation rental software, you’ll want to preserve your historical data and records. Check if the software provider offers data migration services or provides guidance on how to transfer your existing data seamlessly. You don’t want to lose essential information about past bookings, guest details, or financial records during the switch.

Beyond data migration, consider the scalability of these software options. Ensure that the software you choose can grow alongside your business. Unfortunately, some property managers make the mistake of choosing a system that can’t keep pace. Ultimately, they outgrow the software and end up right where they started: going through the hassle of switching systems, again!

If this makes you reconsider how satisfied you are with your vacation rental software, we have solutions for you at Streamline.

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