Streamline One’s Call Solutions

Oct 20, 2023 | Property Managers Blog

Your reservations team can determine a potential guest’s first impression of your vacation rental business. From when a guest calls, to when they book, having an efficient call solution can make or break your brand and reputation.

Streamline Call Solutions were designed with this in mind. Part of our Call Solution, StreamPhone, integrates seamlessly with both the core PMS and the CRM to allow your reservation agents and support staff to be prepared for every call.

Streamline Call Solutions: An Overview

Streamline Call Solutions optimizes your reservation process by decreasing time spent on the phone and increasing your team’s ability to handle more calls.

Beyond this, we offer comprehensive training options, call rating capabilities, and the ability to set up a remote call center, providing you with the tools you need to scale your operations.

Below we cover the key features included in Streamline Call Solutions that give your guests and employees a hassle-free call experience.

Call Routing and Management Tools

Streamline Call Solutions includes advanced call routing and management tools. These features direct incoming calls to the appropriate agent or department based on predefined criteria. This prevents unnecessary transfers or hold times, allowing for a smoother and more efficient interaction. Additionally, it provides supervisors with the ability to monitor and manage call queues in real-time. This helps ensure that no guest inquiry goes unanswered.

Training Tools

Streamline understands the importance of a well-trained reservations team. Our Call Solutions come equipped with comprehensive training tools that empower your agents with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles. From onboarding new hires to ongoing training modules, our platform prepares your team well to handle any guest inquiry that comes their way.

Why Streamline Call Solutions Drives Bookings

An outdated or dysfunctional call solution can be detrimental to your business. It can lead to frustrated potential guests and lost revenue opportunities. StreamPhone, part of Streamline Call Solutions, ensures that your reservation team is well-prepared for every call.

More Call Conversions

For large-scale vacation rental managers, maximizing call conversions is essential. Streamline Call Solutions significantly improves the chances of turning inquiries into bookings. The efficient call routing and management tools, coupled with well-trained reservation agents, ensure that potential guests receive prompt, accurate, and compelling information, increasing the likelihood of securing a reservation.

Happier Guests

Streamline Call Solutions doesn’t just benefit your business; it also leads to happier guests. With quicker response times, accurate information, and a professional call experience, guests feel valued and cared for. This positive impression carries through to their stay, contributing to higher guest satisfaction scores. The end result? Increased repeat bookings and positive reviews, all of which are crucial for the success of large-scale vacation rental managers.