The following is a list of blogs to keep Property Managers on the cutting edge of the fastest growing market


CEO Blog

Our CEO blog is meant to educate and share experiences with the vacation rental industry. Property management is not just about making reservations. There are so many things happening around us, our CEO will be trying to keep everyone as informed as possible. He is in the trenches every day and dealing with all facets of this industry. Being a property manager, he is also able to provide ideas and suggestions on how to make your company more successful…. We don’t know all the answers, but we want to share those lessons we have learned with others! By Property Managers For Property Managers is not just a slogan, it is what Streamline is about. Don’t miss this exciting blog and follow our CEO on Facebook, twitter, linked-in and google+. Make sure you sure you get on the social bandwagon!


Property Managers Blog

If our company is meant to be by property managers for property managers, we felt it was best to share real life experiences with everyone. Between the hundreds of clients that have been with Streamline over the past 10 years, they have seen a lot of changes (good and bad). They have had some crazy experiences with guests and owners. We hope that you enjoy this blog as they share experiences that will make you laugh, give you new ideas and hopefully take your company to a new level. We have extremely professional companies who have helped shape our software over the last 10 years. These companies are pioneers and have been the foundation of Streamline. Enjoy….


White Board SEO Blog

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is necessary to survive when it comes to generating leads….. You will often hear this referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We want to talk about more than optimization of search engines. There are marketing factors to consider as well. CONVERSIONS!!!! It doesn’t matter if you have best positioning on the internet, if your website is not built to convert, all SEO efforts become irrelevant. Many people with small vacation rental companies have the time and knowledge to do many of the little things themselves. Our CEO has been involved with SEO since the AltaVista days. He was optimizing websites before Google was around. He felt it was critical to educate the vacation rental industry about SEO. Where is it going? Adwords? Social Media? Google? Bing? Paper Advertising? Many companies advertise search engine optimization! As you begin to dive into these blogs, you will begin to learn that SEO is a daily job. With Google algorithms changing every day….. Leads becoming harder and harder to get from third party websites…. Social Media beginning to become a bigger factor….. SEO is a very laborious task. We add the important components of SEO into our unit pages. We also utilize a wordpress plugin for our website development in order to take advantage of new SEO & SEM plugins, such as YOAST. These are some of the things that you will learn with this blog. We hope you enjoy….


WordPress/Website Insider Blog

Tips & Tricks. Plugins and more plugins. This is truly the world of WordPress. There are so many useful plugins with wordpress that make our life so much easier. This blog is meant to provide everyone with an insight into using WordPress to your advantage. Did you know there are online WordPress courses? Don’t get carried away! Keep it simple. Many times, it is complicated to even format pages the way you want them. Wrapping text around a picture. Creating a table. Utilizing css to position data on my page. Installing a plugin… That sounds pretty scary. Then you dive into the mobile world! Responsiveness… WordPress makes it easy to build responsive websites. This blog will try to cover many different topics related to the world of WordPress. Don’t miss out.