Email Authentication Process -

Email Authentication Process

Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS), POP, IMAP


To avoid interruption in Streamline for incoming emails using Office 365, you must login to your Microsoft account and follow instructions below.

*Instructions are directly from Microsoft website

Option 1: Request to opt out of Basic Auth being disabled (Must be done by 10/1/22)

To invoke the self-service diagnostic, you can go directly to the basic auth self-help diagnostic by simply clicking on this button (it’ll bring up the diagnostic in the Microsoft 365 admin center if you’re a tenant Global Admin):

Or you can open the Microsoft 365 admin center and click the green Help & support button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

When you click the button, you enter our self-help system. Here you can enter the phrase “Diag: Enable Basic Auth in EXO

Customers with tenants in the Government Community Cloud (GCC) are unable to use the self-service diagnostic covered here. Those tenants may opt out by following the process contained in the Message Center post sent to their tenant today. If GCC customers need to re-enable a protocol following the Oct 1st deadline they will need to open a support ticket.

Opting Out

During the month of September 2022, the diagnostic will offer only the option to opt-out. By submitting your opt-out request during September, you are telling us that you do not want us to disable basic for a protocol or protocols during October.  Please understand we will be disabling basic auth for all tenants permanently in January 2023, regardless of their opt-out status.

The diagnostic will show a version of the dialog below, and you can re-run it for multiple protocols. It might look a bit different if some protocols have already been disabled. Note too that protocols are not removed from the list as you opt-out but rest assured (unless you receive an error) we will receive the request.

Update 9/28/2022: Every customer who has opted out so far, can now see a Message Center post if we have received their opt-outs (MC437540). We expect to send out several more MC posts for customers who opt out before end of September, last one during the weekend when opt-out phase ends.

Option 2: Re-Enabling Basic for protocols (Can only be done after Oct 1st, 2022)

During the month of September, the diagnostic can not be used to re-enable basic auth (it is in opt-out only mode).

Starting October 1, the diagnostic will only allow you to re-enable basic auth for a protocol that it was disabled for.

If you did not opt-out during September, and we disabled basic for a protocol you later realize you need, you can use this to re-enable it.

Within an hour (usually much sooner) after you run the diagnostics and ask us to re-enable basic for a protocol, basic auth will start to work again.