Streamline FAQs


What OTAs do Streamline directly connect to?
The OTA list includes Vrbo (HomeAway), Airbnb,, Trip Advisor, HomeToGo, Yonder, HVN, GuestSmiles, Whimstay, Find Rentals,, Rent 30A, Ocean Beds, Top Villas, and HouseStay


What kind of technical support can I expect from Streamline?

We will work with your office and users in order to train you to use the system as smoothly as possible. Once you have your feet on the ground, customer service assistance will also be readily available by phone or email 7 days a week. You may also reference the help manuals that will be provided to you. Whenever help is requested, you may expect the prompt help from a streamline expert to ensure you are getting the most from this software.

Can a property management office have more than one computer running Streamline?

With the purchase of Streamline, you are not limited to any number of seats in your network. All users may reach the system from anywhere as long as they have Internet access and the necessary information to access your account. There’s multiple levels of user ship that each user may have based on the clearance that system manager provides to them.

How reliable is the Streamline system?

The hosting is provided by a state of the art facility that is kept at maximum security. These state of the art facilities are able to keep your valuable information safe with numerous power grids, protection from surges, and facilities equipped with AC/DC backup batteries to ensure extra protection. Since the power is supplied by a commercial power feed and is backed up by a surplus of generators, you can rest easy knowing your information is in good hands.

Streamline is automatically linked to the internet backbone through multiple connections that are DS-3 or higher. Our connections are supplied by a few well know providers such as Sprint, CI, IXA, UUNet, Savvis, and Espire. Our system optimizes traffic routing by using BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) allowing us to reach a plethora of backbone providers. On top of that we use CICSO routers to ensure that the core routing is maintained.

Tape and network technology features are used through industry standard schedules to bring the protection of data to the next level. While Streamline data is backed up on-site through secure storage, services are also provided by the company, Iron Mountain, which provides state of the art secure data storage to most of the Fortune 500.

All of these reliable controls are protected by a technical infrastructure, which was designed to maintain services in the event of extreme weather or catastrophe.

What makes Streamline unique?

One of the most unique features of this software is that no upgrades are required. Being that it is internet based, the system will be automatically upgraded by us whenever necessary to provide the most reliable property management tool possible. Therefore, there is no need for the user to purchase any hardware or software upgrades to use Streamline. No technical consultant necessary, just Streamline.

Is the Streamline system user friendly?

User friendliness is at the heart of the design of Streamline. Users are constantly guided through all necessary processes by very easy to follow logic, with a point and click format. It is built so even more inexperienced computer users, can operate it effectively.

What value does Streamline VRS bring to property managers?

Streamline brings a far greater efficiency to property managers in all tasks required of them. Perhaps most notably, it effectively eliminates the extensive and laborious paperwork consuming the property manager while instead providing clear testimonials for both the owner and the tenant, making everyone’s life a little easier.

What do I need in order to set up Streamline VRS?

Again, there is no hassle with installations, hardware, or servers. When switching softwares or starting from scratch, you simply need an internet connection!

What are the benefits of using a cloud-based software?

With an Internet based software such as Streamline, there is no hassle with installation and updates. You simply need internet connection, and you can fully access the system anytime and anywhere, thus improving the functionality of your business.

How does Streamline save you time?

Your time is saved through the use of packages specialized for reservation and accounting, all in one central hub. All components involved with your property management and rental transaction is consolidated in one easy-to-use portal within Streamline, effectively eliminating any confusion or clutter that may exist. This offers all parties a greater insight and level of comfort regarding the specifics of the transactions they are involved in via the Internet.

What is Streamline VRS?

Streamline is a sophisticated new property management software that puts all the logistics of property management in the palm of your hand. It is completely Internet based and in real time.

What does 'All-in-one' solution mean?

Many competitors claim to offer an ‘all-in-one‘ solution, but very few meet the criteria. Being an all-in-one solution means Streamline offers everything vacation rental companies need to run their company on one platform. Streamline continues to push the innovation envelope to offer the leading technologies in the vacation rental space.

How does the Open API work?

Streamline clients have access to their API and can build their own websites and/or applications to connect to their web API. Integrated partners can connect to the Streamline web Open API and connect to up to two clients with no charge.


Where can I find a list of Streamline integration partners?

The list can be found here.

Swithcing Softwares

How long does it take to onboard?

Onboarding time typically takes about three months and is largely dependent on the clients’ dedication and ability to get through training. Streamline invests heavily in its training and onboarding departments to ensure the software transition goes smoothly.