Choosing software with an open API is critical.

Technology is about connectivity. An open API allows the outside world to harness your system and build/connect technology from calls into the database.

API, for those that are newer to this sort of thing, means Application Programming Interface. In simple terms, an API is a language or an interface that allows programmers to connect to the data contained within the system. Through open API’s, people can integrate connected websites, build applications, and connect existing outside technologies.

Streamline is a firm believer in integrations and connectivity to leverage quality technology. While we offer an impressive suite of internal products, we also open our API for companies to connect to us and vice versa so property managers can choose the right product for their companies. Some software programs out there selfishly still try to close their system, but Streamline believes in doing right by their valued partners.

For example, many of our products were built off of our API. One of those products was our Streamline WordPress Plugin; another example is all of our mobile apps. The guest application, owner application, housekeeping application, and maintenance application are built off of our API. This starts to show the power of API’s.

We also have large companies that have leveraged our open API to build great features for their companies. Some companies use our API to build their own yielding tools. Others use our API to build their own maintenance and housekeeping features. With our constantly evolving API, it is just another reason to believe Streamline is the industry’s innovative leader.