Website Integration

Increase Conversion Rates

WordPress Plugins

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the business. With this software, you are provided with access to the WordPress plugin system. The flexibility of this website integration method is a real help to property managers. It integrates directly into your rental software and you are able to choose what information you show on your site based on your preferences. You can have photos of the unit, room descriptions, amenities, feedback and many more features automatically shown on your site. Design the reservation process for the customer for optimal check out flow. Offer online bookings and step-by-step check-out processes to make the guests experience as easy as possible.


Clients enjoy the ability to design their website from the ground up with ease from our XML/API resource. This feature provides great flexibility in programming and in the overall design of your site. Data manipulation is made easy from raw data provided by our system. An individual, encrypted company code protects against corruption of our data.

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