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What constitutes a great website?  

Streamline Websites

Is it the design? Is it the ability to funnel a guest into a conversion? Is it the way the site caters to search engines? Is it related to having a responsive, mobile-friendly website? These are all great questions and the answer to all of these questions is ‘yes’. This is precisely why Streamline strives to deliver the best websites given the current evolution for the high industry demand.

Look at two of the most successful websites out there (Google and YouTube). What makes them successful is the key word you must always keep in mind, SIMPLICITY.  There is a lot to be said about how beautiful your website looks, but is it simple to navigate? Can people find their way around? Do people enjoy using your site? The further you get away from a soft, simple design, the more often the answer to those questions will be a resounding NO!

We go out of our way to attend conferences that teach our team the most innovative ways to convert users. We have an in house design team to help design and build some of our website templates and help customize websites for our clients. And through all that, we’ve learned that it is not just about design, it’s about engaging the user in an experience. Captivate them, keep them on the website, make their experience simple and you will have an industry leading website geared at conversions. Streamline can help you create the website that you need, so you don’t have to worry about the ins and outs of website design. Here are just a few benefits that a Streamline site can bring to your company!

Increased Mobile Traffic

Mobile traffic continues to increase rapidly and few can offer the results that Streamline can provide! By utilizing adaptive and responsive design – both of which optimize websites to improve the mobile experience – we make it easy for both desktop and mobile surfers to peruse your site and make a reservation. But, even more importantly, this mobile optimization signals to Google that your site is well-optimized, giving it priority placement in the mobile results and – after further tweaking and optimizing is completed – helping you gain more traffic via mobile users. Remember; as we mentioned before, your website is all about the user journey and experience, and mobile users are a huge part of that now. If you ignore them, you ignore an important potential part of your revenue; fortunately, our industry leading web designers will craft you a website that will leave no potential revenue stream behind!


While many companies use SEO and SEM as a way to lure clients into buying their software, Streamline uses these incredibly powerful tools to their maximum potential! Our CEO, has been in the SEO & SEM industry since the inception of Google. This has allowed developers at Streamline to share in the knowledge and benefits of SEO, which we can pass on to you!

When it comes to Google, being #1 or #2 in the SERPs is what it’s all about. This is where the vast majority of traffic goes to, meaning falling anywhere below that is not as useful as it once was. Unfortunately, though Streamline has an SEO optimization process in their backend, true SEO is not accomplished without an intensive amount of work and a very high budget. But, with all this said, all is not lost! Google local rankings – a relatively new section of Google – allows companies that don’t have incredible marketing budgets to show up at the top of the results, even above the natural rankings which companies have spent so much money fighting over! By acquiring reviews, setting you up with online citation services, and using the correct keywords on your site, Streamline can help you crack the top 5 in your area, so you can improve traffic, increase the amount of properties you manage, and – of course – increase your rental rate.

The reason we discuss SEO is to avoid people from being fooled with smoke and mirrors.  SEO has become extremely competitive, and even Google Local has been taken advantage of to the point where it can be hard to break in. But, with our proprietary process, our high quality design team, and our years of experience, we can make your site work on all cylinders, which is just one more reason why choosing Streamline may be the best choice you make for your property management company! Call today for more information!

Discover how the Streamline Software can provide a robust & reliable website integration.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the business. The flexibility of this website integration method is a real help to property managers. It integrates directly into your rental software and you are able to choose what information you show on your site based on your preferences. You can have photos of the unit, room descriptions, amenities, feedback and many more features automatically shown on your site. Design the reservation process for the customer for optimal check out flow. Offer online bookings and step-by-step check-out processes to make the guests experience as easy as possible.


Clients enjoy the ability to design their website from the ground up with ease from our XML/API resource. This feature provides great flexibility in programming and in the overall design of your site. Data manipulation is made easy from raw data provided by our system. An individual, encrypted company code protects against corruption of our data.