Streamline CEO Introduction

Aug 21, 2014 | CEO Blog

My name is Carlos Corzo. I am the CEO of Streamline Property Management Software. This blog post will serve as a brief introduction to myself, as well as provide some background on Streamline. As you read into future posts, they will be geared at how different features in Streamline can help improve the functionality and profitability of your company.

My early days in the travel industry began as a travel agent in a small town in Mexico (Rocky Point). After graduating from Arizona State University, with a Masters in Computer Science, I wanted to invest in my future. I put together every penny that I had and decided to purchase an investment property in Rocky Point, Mexico. Having worked on websites throughout my college career, I decided to build a website to help make reservations in my unit.

Over the course of a year, I began getting more requests that I could handle from the internet. I did not know what to do! I turned to local property managers for advice and they suggested that I become a wholesale travel agent. Once I committed to taking the next step into becoming a travel agency, we quickly grew into the largest travel agency in Rocky Point.  This quick growth was followed by acquisitions of other companies in the area. Eventually, we became the #1 online booking agency in Rocky Point, Mexico.

After many years as a travel agent, I was able to build some great relationships with local property management companies. It seemed as if no one was satisfied with their software. As the owner of a luxury beach condo, I did not feel I had enough visibility into my investment. I had limited information on my property and any activity going on with my property. The property managers in town felt that their software lacked the ingenuity to successfully run their business. Mainly because the software was not built by property managers with the sole purpose of solving their day to day issues.

I was approached by several local companies in an effort to build a system which could take into account the needs of owners, property managers and travel agents. This is when Streamline was born (formerly ResortPRO). We started out as ResortPRO but we felt that Streamline gave us a more marketable name. We did not want people to think that we only catered to resorts!

In 2009, I became involved with property management. With a business partner, we started a property management company in Park City, Utah. It was important for me to understand the needs of a property manager if I was going to provide software for property managers.

Our company slogan is “Built by property managers, for property managers”. We have been extremely successful in Park City. We have grown year after year thanks to Streamline and the features it provides. Our software continues to evolve into the #1 property management software solution in the market thanks to the feedback of existing clients.

As we fast forward to today, I now own several condos in Rocky Point, Mexico. They are all managed using Streamline and I have full visibility into what is happening with my investment. From a simple repair to having 24/7 access to my monthly statements. We continue to be the #1 travel agency in Rocky Point, Mexico and we are quickly dominating property management in Park City. It is this experience that has paved the way for Streamline to be as successful as it has been. We are leaving no stones unturned.

The board of directors consists of other property managers who are always looking to provide insight into the future of property management. The future looks very bright. When you are looking for property management software, just make sure that it is built by property managers, for property managers!