Top 4 Reasons Companies are Switching to Streamline

Aug 26, 2014 | CEO Blog

1) Best Vacation Rental Websites In The Industry: Let’s face it, your website defines your company. It is the brand and impression that you will leave with your guests. With the right website design, you will see increased bookings and an improvement in your branding efforts. Building a website is not just about design. It is important to study how people interact with your website. What visual queues make visitors book a reservation? Is WordPress the best solution on the market? Is it better to utilize an API and build a custom website? Our studies have lead us to offer several templates which we feel are high converting websites. These websites are built behind a wordpress plugin which enable the website owner to easily update information on their website.

2) The Industries Most Powerful Lead Management System: Most of us get leads from vrbo, flip key, home away and other sources and immediately start looking for pricing and availability. What if there was a system that would do all of this for you? Take away the hassle of looking up availability and pricing and simply click a button to figure out what is available for the requested dates. No date entry, just have a system that will understand the incoming request and tell you whether you have availability or not! If those dates are not available, Streamline will give you alternate options that match the selected dates. Once you have selected units to match the incoming request, the system builds an automated email quote that is sent to the client. All of this can be done in less than 1 minute. Imagine getting rid of all those countless hours that you take sorting through units and leads. Streamline brings everything together to make the process seamless.

3) Mobile Technology – Impress Your Guests and Owners: Streamline offers two solutions which will bring you to the forefront in technology with your guests and owners. Our guest application will allow you to provide guests with local guides, local information, tips and much more. When your guests are given this royal treatment, it will help increase repeat business. As far as the owners…. They deserve the best! Our owner application allows owners to get up-to-date information on their unit through the use of a phone application. This is the first phone application in the market allowing owners the ability to monitor their investment through mobile technology. It will blow them away!

4) Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) : Streamline provides relationship management at many levels. The most important level is the communication stream between a potential client and your sales team. We track sales through a life cycle which take them from the initial quote, all the way to the final booking. Tracking and storing the communication along the way. This is just one part of how we manage relationships. With hundreds of system triggers, we also allow your company to define when custom emails should be sent to future guests and/or owners. Send reminders, bulletins, check-in instructions, key-code instructions and much more. With Streamline, the power is at your fingertips.

What are you waiting for? These are just some of the exciting features that are causing a sensation in the market and making companies switch to Streamline.