VRMA & Its Advantages

Oct 5, 2014 | CEO Blog

Streamline went to VRMA for the first time this year.  VRMA is that Vacation Rental Managers Association.  This took a lot of planning and preparation. It turned out to be an amazing experience.  From their support staff, to the event, to the education they provide property managers.

If you are a property manager, I encourage you to join and attend the next VRMA show.  Just to explain some of the classes that were offered which turned out to be extremely helpful:

QuickBooks Q&A: Ask the Expert Office Hour.. I could ask 1000 questions about Quickbooks and still need a personal Quickbooks assistant!

Growing Pains:What to Expect While Growing Your Business.. A lot of us go through this and don’t understand why it is so tough to get our business started.

The Vacation Rental Industry: Present and Future..  This has always been one of my favorite classes because it puts our market in perspective.

Five Steps for Upgrading Your Reservation System. A lot of us make the jump from system to system looking for that perfect solution.  This class explained what to do to make the correct transitions.

Housekeeping – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. While I am the CEO of Streamline, I also have a property management company in Park City. Housekeeping is probably one of the biggest issues that we are challenged with.

Coaching Sales Agents to Peak Performance.  Who doesn’t want the best possible sales staff available.

As you can see, being part of the VRMA is not just about having a badge, it is about learning from people who have been through the trenches.  It opens up a whole new outlook on the world of vacation rentals.

Now, there is also another part to VRMA which is very important.  This is the part that I like as a CEO.  There is a vendor showcase which introduces everyone to many key components in the market place.  We’ve all heard of KABA, Streamline, GLAD TO HAVE YOU, Rental Guardian, etc..  However, at this show, you get to meet them in person.  It allows you to ask the questions that can help you make a decision between vendors.  I personally go around to understand what the industry has to offer.  There are some very creative solutions out there.  One of the most impressive vendors, besides ourselves ;), was a company which creates a floor plan of your home and then provides pictures for each area of the floor map.  The cost is ridiculously low and the quality of the product was amazing.  They actually come to the house and sketch out a floor plan.  It is revolutionary.

Sometimes, it’s not what you but who you know.  VRMA provides several social events throughout their showcase to make sure there is plenty of opportunity for people to get to know each other.  From their new member welcome party, to their final night bash.  They spare no expense!

If you are a property manager and you are looking for growth and knowledge, make sure you attend the next VRMA show.