Where is the Vacation Rental Software Industry Heading?

Feb 5, 2016 | CEO Blog

I often ask myself this question in an effort to create cutting edge solutions. After our Board of Directors meeting in January, we decided to introduce the Streamline Store. This is going to give every company in Streamline the ability to build their own applications. Everyone has amazing ideas, let’s implement them. Each property management can assess how much impact it will have on their business.

Each application could be one of the following:

WordPress Plugin : This would be a wordpress plugin that would do something that does not exist today. Something that other property managers could find extremely useful. This would be built through our API for the protection of data in our database. We will soon be releasing a wiki for our API which will make external development easy.
Website Development : This development would be enabled in Streamline as an iframe. It would reside as its own, standalone server. It would also utilize our APIs.

Mobile Applications : These would be mobile applications that provide benefits to other property managers.

There will obviously be stipulations when it comes to the Streamline Store. While we are going to be using our API to control access to information, we will still have very strict requirements for accepting any applications to the Streamline Store. Only Streamline will be able to turn an application on and there will be an added level of security to ensure people do not utilize an app to access data from other users.

  1. Your development must be submitted for approval prior to development. Our staff will approve or reject your idea.
  2. Your offer will include the cost to purchase and any monthly cost. This money will be collected by the application provider or Streamline. Depending on your proposal.
  3. ALL customer service for your application will be provided by the developer app.
  4. Once development is completed, everything must be submitted to Streamline for final approval. This review process, which will be a security & documentation review, will cost $500.

Once the application is in the store, anyone in our system will have the ability to purchase the application. In some cases, there will be free applications, depending on the purpose of the applications.
This is EXCITING! We have many clients with access to developers in the industry. Not only do you get to build something which is specific to what you want, you will be able to showcase that product in our Streamline Store for other users to purchase.

-Carlos Corzo, CEO