Why Choose Streamline

Nov 26, 2015 | CEO Blog

There is a lot of software available in this industry. They all have positives and negative aspects. As the CEO of Streamline, I obviously have a strong bias towards our software.

However, there are many reasons why I built our software. I felt that noone actually covered the essential aspects necessary to run a successful property management company.

Yes, there are very powerful systems out there. But most of them were built on a methodology of how property management should be. Streamline was built on the real day to day needs of a property manager.

Over the years, I have been a property owner, a wholesaler (where I represent other companies and resell their units), and a property manager. What is my favorite? Being a wholesaler. You make the reservation and then the responsibility is passed on to the property manager ;).

In an ideal world, I figured, why not combine everything. Property management should can be extremely lucrative when done right. Wholesaling can provide extra cashflow when your inventory is depleted. So, Streamline was born and it continues to evolve into a machine for maximizing profits.

There is one area that I have come to find to be the critical point in this game. Lead management and quote response times. The early bird catches the worm. We continue to evolve our system to not only optimize the speed at which we respond to quotes, but we also try to make the process of.converting from quotes as simple as possible.

Our theory is simple, we are built by property managers for property managers and will continue to evolve with that vision.

I am an avid sports fan. I have always seen how coaches who take the time to understand the unique demands of each athlete always tend to succeed. You can’t be closed minded and treat everyone the same. We are no different. We know the unique demands of the vacation rental industry and by using streamline to target the unique demands of property management, we are very successful!