Hobbs Realty

Holden Beach, NC

Case Study

In Holden Beach, Hobbs Realty manages around 200 properties. Some of these have been passed down for generations and so are very special to the homeowners. The latest and greatest focus of Hobbs Realty has been on revenue management, something Streamline Revenue Management functionality can help them accomplish. Having started it in January 2023, and now completed their first season, the team have had many successes.


    • 4th Generation family owned property management and brokerage company
    • Properties located on an eight-mile island stretch
    • Team utilizes webinars and knowledge base as supplemental learning tools
    • Attending the Streamline Summit influenced decision to go with Streamline
    • Relies on SLU to help train new employees
    • National Geographic Traveler Magazine rated Holden beach as one of the best family beaches in the country

Click below to see the interview with Hobbs Realty CEO, Rachele Hobbs.

Managing Homeowner Relationships

Tiffany Hobbs Wilson is the Property Manager/Broker at Hobbs Realty Inc. A Holden Beach native, Tiffany was born into a family of real estate professionals with a keen eye for investment opportunities. Originally established in 1977, Tiffany has been Chief Operating Officer and Broker-in-Charge of Hobbs Realty since 2009, helping clients realize their investment dreams.

The homeowner’s investment stays top of mind for Tiffany and her team. Thus, when difficult situations arise, Tiffany always looks to realize why the homeowners are upset, encouraging direct and open conversations and reciprocal relationships. By taking the emotion out of her side, the situations become a lot easier to deal with.

Getting involved in the realm of dynamic pricing through Streamline has been very successful for Hobbs Realty. Tiffany especially appreciates the data and analysis they are now able to obtain, allowing them to change the way they market both to guests and to homeowners. They are able to demonstrate to homeowners how they are doing in a much more professional and efficient manner than in previous years, thus keeping everyone on top of the market.

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