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CRM Upgrade Features

Improve Agent Performance & Guest Relationships


Team Performance Dashboard

  • Reservation team sales activity KPIs
  • Quantified CRM pipeline report
  • Sales leaderboard to drive friendly peer-competition
  • Define and measure reservation team goals
  • Campaign snapshot reports & investment/budget tracking

KPI Agent Motivators

Motivate Reservations Teams

Keeping sales agents on task & access to performance statistics is critical for success. For reservation teams paid on performance, this gives agents clarity & motivation to push them to achieve goals defined by management staff. Ready to reach your reservation team revenue goals? Activate the new CRM today!

Phone System Integration

Call Scoring & Agent Tools

An integral part of running a successful sales team is having access to tools that allow you to measure success & provide coaching. Not only does our phone system allow you to record and score calls, but also improves efficiency with advanced tools and KPI data sets.

Note: This is an optional enhancement, but well worth it!

Homeowner Acquisition

Homeowner Acquisition CRM

Ready to grow your business? With our integrated Homeowner Acquisition CRM, you now have a place to properly incubate leads and improve attrition onto your management program!

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