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New England Vacation Rentals

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New England Vacation Rentals

Case Study | New England Vacation Rentals


  • Initially acquired 80 units by taking over inventory from real estate company looking to exit vr
  • Renovated/redecorated many of the properties to achieve a NEVR consisten ‘look’
  • Manages her company with strategic growth by curating potential properties
  • Relies mainly on summer season
  • Was looking for a scalable and flexible software solution
  • Emphasizes that success with Streamline is due to the effort that her and her team put into learning the software
  • Utilizes Streamline University and StreamStar webinars to supplement learning
  • Maintenance team relies heavily on the Streamline Property Care app
  • COVID has influenced a reliance on Happy Stays app for guests
  • Streamline VRS Advisory Board member

Click below to see the interview with NEVR Founder and President, Joanne Logie and check out some more of our Streamline rentals.

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