Why the Industry Needs a New CRM

Aug 17, 2020 | CEO Blog

Our goal at Streamline is to create products that support our clients and help them succeed. Customers have shared their needs with us over the years, and we’ve been listening and taking notes. Now, we’re excited to finally introduce the newest addition to our software suite.

About two years ago, we began developing and designing a tool to give property managers a true all-in-one solution. With one login, our goal was to house everything necessary to run your business. After a lot of hard work from our talented staff as well as feedback from our customers, we’re proud to say that Streamline’s CRM has enabled us to become the first enterprise-level all-in-one software for the vacation rental industry.

All-In-One CRM

Our reason for creating an all-in-one solution was about more than just ease of use or convenience (though those were important factors). When it comes to data, consistency is key. Before, property managers had to rely on a handful of different programs to deliver data on revenue, leads, conversions, and more. With Business Intelligence Reporting, all of your data is measured within our system. That means accurate numbers every time.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to trace every dollar that comes and goes. Streamline’s new CRM can handle that.

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There’s No Business Like the Vacation Rental Business

The vacation rental industry is unlike any other. You balance booking guests with acquiring new properties to add to your inventory. Both processes involve a great deal of nurturing, with many prospects being managed at once. While some CRMs may have basic features to assist with bookings, no other product offers tools to do both.

Homeowner Acquisition

That’s where our Homeowner Acquisition feature comes into play. This is the first of its kind in the industry. It’s designed to help you contact and follow up with leads, send an e-contract, and convert the prospect into a managed unit, all from one dashboard.

Your Bookings Process, Perfected

As your inventory grows, so will your customer base. Streamline’s CRM features a powerful content management system that tracks and organizes your contacts. It also includes a unified inbox that allows you to see any emails, texts, chats, and direct OTA messages. As your contacts engage with your website and reach out with questions, you’ll track their behavior and build a comprehensive profile. From there, you can send automated messages based on any number of triggers. From follow-up messages to welcome emails to a prompt to review their stay, you’ll engage with your guest without having to do a thing.

What’s Next?

At Streamline, we’ve never been satisfied with “good enough.” We plan on consistently improving our CRM based on your needs and your feedback. After all, this project has always been about giving property managers a tool designed for them. We want to make sure that this is the last CRM and software system you’ll ever need.

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