Streamline CRM FAQ

Aug 24, 2020 | Features Blog

Interested in learning more about Streamline CRM? Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions and find out how you can get started with Streamline CRM today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a cost to the CRM?

A: If you’re on an Active Streamline Contract (not expired), the CRM is free and included.

Q: How can I get the CRM?

A: Existing customers can sign up for an activation demo. You’ll go through the basic training materials and go live with the next scheduled wave of customers. If you’re not currently a Streamline customer, learn more about the CRM by signing up for a free demo.

Q: Is drip email marketing available?

A: A robust email/document system allows for drip marketing campaigns and uses many document triggers from within Streamline. You can also use the dynamic list feature, which is integrated with MailChimp and Constant Contact.

Q: Will I be able to easily track my campaign’s performance?

A: Yes, there is reporting to easily track conversions, revenue generated and total leads from specific campaigns. You will also be able to track cost per call (CPC), cost per order (CPO), and ROI. This allows for more accurate A/B testing.

Q: Can I easily search and export my contacts?

A: Yes, with Streamline’s robust contact management system, you’ll have no trouble searching, segmenting, and exporting your contacts.

Q: Can I easily manage my sales pipeline and view its progress?

A: Yes, we offer a full lead management area and provide many reports as well as a CRM Pipeline graph.

Q: Does the CRM offer a way to manage homeowner acquisition?

A: Yes, the Homeowner Acquisition feature allows you to create custom queues for your business’ individual pipeline as well as owner communication through emails and text.

Q: Are homeowners/property leads from our website automatically created in the CRM?

A: Yes, an owner inquiry form can be created on your website which will feed information directly into the Streamline CRM.

Q: Is there a way to easily view a sales agent’s progress in real time?

A: Yes, we provide reporting that shows gross revenue, room revenue, campaign and referrer link (if applicable) per sales agent.

Q: Does the CRM allow me to calculate lifetime value of campaigns?

A: Yes. You are able to set an investment/budget for each campaign. The Campaign ROI report will provide the lifetime value for you.

Q: Does the CRM allow me to listen and score operational calls from within Streamline?

A: Yes. The StreamPhone system allows you to listen to calls, create custom scorecards, and score calls.

Q: Does the CRM provide KPIs related to operational phone calls?

A: Yes. The CRM will provide the number of inbound and outbound calls per agent as well as the number of calls scored and the average call score.

Q: Does the CRM provide Analysis Reporting for comparisons and forecasting?

A: Yes. Reporting is provided on leads, sales agents, units, revenue, occupancy, and more!

Q: Can you set up and view the progress of team goals?

A: Yes. The CRM allows you to set goals for each sales agent for the current and following month. You can easily view the entire team’s progress toward their monthly and quarterly goals.

Q: Does the CRM include a Task Management area?

A: Yes. When managing a lead or guest reservation, you are able to schedule tasks for the team or individual agents. Agents can then view what tasks they have for today and the future.

Q: Can I communicate with guests, owners, and vendors from within the CRM?

A: Yes. All email, phone, and text communication is accessible from one dashboard.

Q: Can I quickly send out a custom message to multiple leads at one time?

A: Yes. The Quick Blast feature allows you to filter your list of leads and send a custom message or a templated email or text.

Q: Can Sales Agents easily view their progress and actionable items?

A: Yes. The CRM provides an area for sales agents to see unactioned emails, unactioned leads and tasks, as well as their progress toward goals and revenue generated.

Q: Can I import historical guest data to be used in drip campaigns?

A: Yes. There is a Guest Upload feature allowing you to import historical guest data.

Q: How do you integrate with Ring Central? What value does that provide?

A: The new CRM has a seamless API integration with Ring Central that delivers a variety of great features. This includes our call pops, call recording, phone number/source attribution, call statistics, and more! Bringing together a best in class vacation property management software with a leading softphone solution is a perfect fit.

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