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Channel Partner Integrations

With the growing significance and influence of channel partners, it is critical to be with a software provider that gets you connected to bring in online bookings.
Through Streamline, property managers can connect directly to companies like Airbnb and VRBO/Homeaway, while also being able to connect to third party distributors that can push your inventory into a wide variety of other channels.
In this new age of vacation rental management where some channel partners have become household names, the need to integrate with these channels and follow best practices is critical to a company’s success. Streamline has powerful integrations with the largest channels out there and is oftentimes at the forefront of the development and evolution of these integrations.
Streamline does participate in direct and indirect integrations. We are motivated to continue expanding our reach through direct integrations, but we are already connected to hundreds of channels of your choosing both directly and indirectly. Some of those channels are basic vacation rental channels, but others start to tap into the hotel world and the distribution systems of that lodging sector.
Expanding your reach into these channels can prove essential, as everybody is competing for bookings. Making sure you are maximizing your reach while considering you ROI is becoming a must. There are many channels out there to consider, and many channel distributors with different types of offerings that could serve the needs of one company or another. It is important to evaluate the Streamline Connect distribution center alongside our other channel distribution partners as well.

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